CTAN submission: ADRconv

Rainer Schoepf schoepf at proteosys.com
Tue Nov 6 10:52:15 CET 2001

On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Axel Kielhorn wrote:

> I have uploaded my ADRconv package to ftp.dante.de.
> This package converts bibtex databases of adresses to the adress
> format used in scrletter and akletter. It includes a TeX file to
> print the adresses in different layouts.
> ATM you can get a normal adress book and a list sorted by birthday.

> The package depends on koma-script, plead add a link to koma.script/conrtib.

Thanks for the upload. I installed the package in


with a link to it in


For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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