Upload of newer version to CTAN

Rainer Schoepf rainer.schoepf at proteosys.com
Sat Nov 10 15:01:58 CET 2001

On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, H.W. de Wijn wrote:

 > + I have uploaded to CTAN at  dante.ctan.org  the following files:
 >   euro-ce.doc   documentation
 >   eurorm.mf     METAFONT source of the official Euro currency symbol
 >                 and its condensed variants, both filled and in outline
 >   eurobf.mf     METAFONT source of boldface Euro symbols
 >   euroit.mf     METAFONT source of italic Euro symbols
 >   eurosl.mf     METAFONT source of slanted Euro symbols
 >   euromac.mf    macros for generating Euro symbols
 >   cerm.mf       METAFONT source of the CE mark
 >   ceit.mf       METAFONT source of the italic CE mark
 >   cesl.mf       METAFONT source of the slanted CE mark
 >   cemac.mf      macros for generating CE marks
 >   euro-ce.tex   test (to be run with plain TeX)
 >   and have stored them in a directory named  euro-ce.  The total size is
 >   about 16 kB.
 > + The above set of files (v1.3) is to replace the current files (v1.2)
 >   in CTAN's existing directory .../fonts/euro-ce.  Version 1.2 was
 >   submitted by me on 7 Februari 2001.  Version 1.3 dates from shortly
 >   thereafter, but I was slow in submitting it, until prompted by a user.
 > + Purpose of  euro-ce  in abstract form:
 >   (1) METAFONT source of the official Euro currency symbol and several
 >         variants (boldface, italic, slanted, condensed, outline).  The
 >         symbols feature a uniform thickness.
 >   (2) METAFONT source of the CE mark and several variants.

Thanks for the update, I installed it in


For the CTAN Team
   Rainer Schöpf

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