CTAN submission -- preview-latex-

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Tue Nov 13 09:32:18 CET 2001

----- Forwarded message from David Kastrup -----
I have uploaded preview-latex- to the incoming
directory of ftp.dante.de.  Its license is the GPL, and I would
recommend to install it in the following way:

Put the packed archive under
but unpack the
README to support/preview-latex
README-preview and preview.dtx to macros/latex/contrib/supported/preview/

The reason is that the preview.dtx file can also be used as a
standalone LaTeX style for extracting selected elements from a LaTeX
source into separate pages of a DVI file.

Here are the release notes:

Release notes for version of the preview-latex package:

preview-latex is a system for displaying inline images of selected
parts of a file in Emacs source buffers.  It is released under the GNU
Public License (GPL).  At the current point of time, GNU Emacs-21.1,
Auc-TeX, a working LaTeX installation and GhostScript are required.
XEmacs support is not yet operative, and contributions would be
welcome.  Due to missing image support of Emacs-21.1 under Microsoft
Windows, this platform is not usable at the current point of time,

Release focus are mostly user interface improvements.  Notable are
changes in the build process, changes in cursor display handling,
preservation of indentation of previews, improvements in process
handling, better configurability.

User feedback about errors and suggested feature improvements is
welcome and heeded.  The home page is
<URL:http://preview-latex.sourceforge.net>, the SourceForge project
page that among others offers anonymous CVS access is located at
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the submission.  I installed the the new version in
CTAN:/tex-archive/support/preview-latex/ replacing the old one
and installed the preview LaTeX package in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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