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Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Thu Oct 4 14:08:10 CEST 2001

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I've just uploaded tt2001, an EC/TC Type1 font collection to CTAN. I've
attached its README to my e-mail. Please find an appropriate location
for the fonts, and move them there.

Thank you,
Szabó Péter

README.txt, Mon Oct  1 13:30:27 CEST 2001

This is version 1.0 of Tt2001.

This is Tt2001, a TeX .pfb font collection, converted to .pfb in 2001 by the
author of TeXtrace, using TeXtrace. It contains almost _all_ the EC (European
Computer Modern) and TC (Text Companion) fonts in all possible design sizes,
_all_ the AMS fonts in all possible design sizes, plus some more.

Author: pts at inf.bme.hu

The missing EC/TC fonts are:

        fcvt0500.pfb fcvi0500.pfb fctt0500.pfb fcst0500.pfb fcit0500.pfb
        fctc0500.pfb fcff0500.pfb fcff0600.pfb fcff0700.pfb fcff0800.pfb
        fcfi0500.pfb fcfi0600.pfb fcfi0700.pfb fcfi0800.pfb fcfb2488.pfb
        fcfb2986.pfb fcfb3583.pfb fcfs2488.pfb fcfs2986.pfb fcfs3583.pfb
        fymisc10.pfb ucfb2488.pfb ucfb2986.pfb ucfb3583.pfb ucfs2488.pfb
        ucfs2986.pfb ucfs3583.pfb ucff0500.pfb ucff0600.pfb ucff0700.pfb
        ucff0800.pfb ucff1728.pfb ucff2074.pfb ucff2986.pfb ucff3583.pfb
        ucfi0500.pfb ucfi0600.pfb ucfi0700.pfb ucfi0800.pfb ucfi2986.pfb
        ucfi3583.pfb ucit0500.pfb ucst0500.pfb uctt0500.pfb ucvi0500.pfb

They are missing because METAFONT failed to generate them. The missing EC
fonts are just some typewriter fonts at 5pt, plus some Fibonacci and funny

Quick and dirty UNIX shell command to find the missing fonts:

        ls `awk -F '<' '/^[a-z]/{print$2}' <ecpfb.map` 2>&1 >/dev/null |
        awk -F ':' '{print substr($2,2)}'

TeXtrace is available from the net: http://textrace.sf.net

TeXtrace was first presented at EuroTeX 2001 http://www.ntg.nl/eurotex/.

Tanakori Uchiyama has reported:

        By the way, there is a musixps-unix.tar.gz at CTAN.
        I think that it is easy to get and use it.

Quoting subsubsection 5.4.1 of dvips.dvi:

Commercial versions of the Computer Modern fonts are available from Blue
Sky; public domain versions are available from CTAN sites (for CTAN info,
see section `unixtex.ftp'' in Kpathsea) in:


You may need to modify these fonts; see http:///xxx.lanl.gov/faq/bakoma.html

Knuth's original CM (Computer Modern) fonts (_not_ including European
accentend letters) were converted to .pfb by Bluesky in 1991. These Bluesky
.pfb fonts (such as cmr10.pfb) are part of the standard teTeX distribution,
and are available from CTAN since years ago.

Some auxilary fonts (such as the MetaFont logo and the Wasy fonts) were
converted to .pfb by Taco Hoekwater, 1998.

Some fonts, such as Times, Helvetica and Charter were _originally_ in PFB
format, so they need no conversion. Many of them are part of the standard
teTeX distribution, and also from CTAN.

-- [B]+[T] Knuth's original CM (Computer Modern) fonts

   Knuth's original CM fonts converted by Bluesky are:

        cmb10 cmbsy10 cmbx10 cmbx12 cmbx5 cmbx6 cmbx7 cmbx8 cmbx9 cmbxsl10
        cmbxti10 cmcsc10 cmdunh10 cmex10 cmex9 cmff10 cmfi10 cmfib8 cmitt10
        cmmi10 cmmi12 cmmi5 cmmi6 cmmi7 cmmi8 cmmi9 cmmib10 cmr10 cmr12
        cmr17 cmr5 cmr6 cmr7 cmr8 cmr9 cmsl10 cmsl12 cmsl8 cmsl9 cmsltt10
        cmss10 cmss12 cmss17 cmss8 cmss9 cmssbx10 cmssdc10 cmssi10 cmssi12
        cmssi17 cmssi8 cmssi9 cmssq8 cmssqi8 cmsy10 cmsy5 cmsy6 cmsy7 cmsy8
        cmsy9 cmtcsc10 cmtex10 cmtex8 cmtex9 cmti10 cmti12 cmti7 cmti8 cmti9
        cmtt10 cmtt12 cmtt8 cmtt9 cmu10 cmvtt10

   Missing from Bluesky CM, included in Tt2001:


-- [T] all AMS fonts (AMS A, AMS B, other math fonts, Euler fraktur,
   cyrillic etc.) Most of them are available from [B].
   AMS fonts as Bluesky .pfb's, converted in automn 1992: (below). Since
   a lot of AMS fonts were drawn, so these are not enough:

        cmbsy5 cmbsy7 cmmib5 cmmib7 euex10 eufb10 eufb5 eufb7 eufm10 eufm5
        eufm7 eurb10 eurb5 eurb7 eurm10 eurm5 eurm7 eusb10 eusb5 eusb7
        eusm10 eusm5 eusm7 msam10 msam5 msam7 msbm10 msbm5 msbm7 wncyb10
        wncyi10 wncyr10 wncysc10 wncyss10

   Tt2001 contains all AMS fonts (including those above):

        cmbsy5 cmbsy6 cmbsy7 cmbsy8 cmbsy9 cmcsc8 cmcsc9 cmex7 cmex8 cmmib5
        cmmib6 cmmib7 cmmib8 cmmib9 wncyb10 wncyb5 wncyb6 wncyb7 wncyb8
        wncyb9 wncyi10 wncyi5 wncyi6 wncyi7 wncyi8 wncyi9 wncyr10 wncyr5
        wncyr6 wncyr7 wncyr8 wncyr9 wncysc10 wncyss10 wncyss8 wncyss9 euex10
        euex7 euex8 euex9 eufb10 eufb5 eufb6 eufb7 eufb8 eufb9 eufm10 eufm5
        eufm6 eufm7 eufm8 eufm9 eurb10 eurb5 eurb6 eurb7 eurb8 eurb9 eurm10
        eurm5 eurm6 eurm7 eurm8 eurm9 eusb10 eusb5 eusb6 eusb7 eusb8 eusb9
        eusm10 eusm5 eusm6 eusm7 eusm8 eusm9 msam10 msam5 msam6 msam7 msam8
        msam9 msbm10 msbm5 msbm6 msbm7 msbm8 msbm9

-- [T] EC (European Computer Modern) fonts (drawn by J"org Knappen and
   Norbert Schwarz), LaTeX \usepackage{t1enc}

-- [T] TC (Text Companion) fonts (drawn by J"org Knappen and Norbert

-- [T] Knuth's original Concrete fonts (the font family of the book Concrete

-- [T] some LaTeX picture drawing etc. fonts. Converted in May 2001:

        icmcsc10 icmex10 icmmi8 icmsy8 icmtt8 ilasy8 ilcmss8 ilcmssb8 ilcmssi8

-- [T] all xypic: LaTeX picture drawing

   [2] contains some, but not all xypic:

        xyatip10 xybsql10 xybtip10 xycirc10 xycmat10 xycmbt10 xydash10
        xyeuat10 xyeubt10

   [T] contains all xypic, except for xymisc10 (for which dvips failed):

        xyatip10 xybsql10 xybtip10 xycirc10 xycmat10 xycmbt10 xydash10
        xyeuat10 xyeubt10 xyline10 xyqc10

-- [T] yandy mathtime fonts:

        mtcmmi mtcmsy

The following common teTeX .mf fonts are not available in .pfb yet:

-- jknappen/sauter/*
-- lh/*/* (many!)
-- public/*/* (too many!)

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Thanks for the huge (53974 KB) submission.  I installed it in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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