CTAN submission -- preview-latex-0.7.3.tar.gz

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Thu Aug 15 16:53:49 CEST 2002

----- Forwarded message from David Kastrup -----
I have uploaded preview-latex-0.7.3.tar.gz and
preview-0.7.3.tar.gz to the incoming directory of ftp.dante.de.
Its license is the GPL.

I would recommend installing it in the following way:

Put the packed archive preview-latex-0.7.3.tar.gz under
and unpack the
README from it to support/preview-latex/README
Create a symbolic link from
so that people can always get the newest version under this name.

Unpack preview-0.7.3.tar.gz in the directory

It contains just README-preview, preview.dtx and preview.ins.

The reason is that the preview.dtx file can also be used as a
standalone LaTeX style for extracting selected elements from a LaTeX
source into separate pages of a DVI file.

Previous versions of preview-latex can be deleted.

Here are the release notes:

Release notes for version 0.7.3 of the preview-latex package:

preview-latex could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, were it
not just the same.  Sliced bread provides you with a handle on
conveniently sized chunks of the real matter as well as unhampered
creative freedom for the space in between.  It obliterates the
unwieldy handling of loaf-sized chunks and puts the bread right on
your plate where it belongs.  preview-latex similarly chops unwieldy
pages of subpixel-accurate LaTeX previews into handily sized fully
dressed chunks (such as single formulas) that get placed right into
your Emacs/XEmacs source buffer, freeing the desktop space otherwise
required for separate carving plates, while keeping the original
source readily accessible.  You get to have your eye candy and edit
it, too.

The employed style file preview.sty is independently useful for
extraction of selected text elements as images.  The package is
released under the GNU Public License (GPL).  At the current point of
time, at least GNU Emacs-21.1 under the X window system, AUC TeX
(11.11 recommended, see below), a working LaTeX installation and
GhostScript are required.  This version also supports XEmacs-21.  For
best results, at least version 21.4.9 is recommended since it
incorporates several fixes necessary for proper operation of
preview-latex.  Under the Windows operating system, we have had
positive reports for both native and Cygwin ports of XEmacs.  Recent
CVS versions of GNU Emacs could conceivably be made to run
preview-latex under Windows, but we have had no reports for this
combination yet.

Release 0.7.3 is a consolidation release containing mostly bug fixes.
It has to disable a broken security implementation that persists into
version 7.05 of GNU GhostScript.  A complete lack of developer
response makes it likely that future versions of GhostScript will not
work unless preview-latex gets configured to disable security for them
as well.  For further information, please read the PROBLEMS file or
the respective manual section.

One new feature is dumping of precompiled preambles in order to
facilitate faster regeneration of previews.  You can do this via a key
combination or from the Preview menu which has been moved to the
menu bar from the LaTeX menu.  This further improves the already
impressive performance even on bottom-line computers.

The README file provides adequate information for preinstalled
distributions.  The INSTALL file contains a special section with
advice for package providers.

User feedback about errors and suggested feature improvements is
welcome and heeded.  The home page is
<URL:http://preview-latex.sourceforge.net>, the SourceForge project
page that among others offers anonymous CVS access is located at

If you can spare the time, you can also comment on or rate this
project at <URL:http://freshmeat.net/projects/preview-latex>.

Additional files can be found at

* If you don't have texinfo 4.0 or later installed, prebuilt
  documentation files can be found there.

* AUC TeX can be found at several places, but if you want the latest
  11.11 (alpha, but stable AFAIK) with no known issues concerning
  preview-latex, you can find it there as well.

* RPMs for preview-latex and AUC TeX are provided for users of RedHat
  Linux.  For the binary RPMs, you will need the preview-latex-common
  RPM as well as the Emacs-flavor specific RPM.

The RPMs require a few packages that should be readily available in
current distributions.  As of RH 7.3, Emacs-21.2 and GhostScript-6.52
are included.  The current RedHat beta "Limbo" contains the
security-impaired GhostScript-7.05 (see above).  XEmacs in those
distributions will still be affected with a serious display bug, see
the PROBLEMS file or the respective manual section.
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the upload.  I installed it as suggested replacing the old
versions in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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