Re: CTAN upload notification: Pitkänpuoleinen johdanto LaTeX2e:n käyttöön

Rainer Schoepf schoepf at
Wed Dec 11 10:20:43 CET 2002

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 Timo Hellgren wrote:

> Name of contribution: Pitkänpuoleinen johdanto LaTeX2e:n käyttöön
> Suggested location on CTAN: /info/lshort/finnish (replaces the previous contents)
> Summary description: The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e v.3.22 Finnish edition
> License type: Free
> Announcement text:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This is an update of the Finnish edition of Tobias Oetikers dokument
> "The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e". In addition to translating
> the original I have added emphasis on things you should consider when
> making Finnish documents with LaTeX2e. This version adds all the stuff
> in version 3.22 of the original text.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for the update, I replaced the files in


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