CTAN submission -- jurabib package v0.51n

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Wed Jan 2 09:10:52 CET 2002

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I've just uploaded the file jurabib-051n.zip to


This archive contains an updated version (0.51n) of the jurabib package. 

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

The following files are included:

	jbgerdoc.tex (German documentation)
	jbendoc.tex  (English documentation)

Changes since 0.5e:

    Bugfix regarding `bibformat=ibidemalt' and usage of \typearea from
         the KOMA-bundle after loading jurabib.sty, contributed by
         Tilman Finke.
    more spaces added for better line breaking, regarding the well
         known BibTeX bug.
    First trial for spanish support. Special thanks to Pablo Rodriguez
         for first translation. Bug reports welcome.
    new option `superscriptedition=year' places the superscripted edition
         number before the year. `superscriptedition=bib' is also available
         with `superscriptedition=address'. These options are working only
         for jurabib.bst and jureco.bst! There are no plans to implement
         them for jox.bst or jchic.bst.
    juratitle field in jurabib.bst was missing, reintroduced; new options
         `superscriptedition=multiple' (superscripted edition number instead of
         title for same work with different edition numbers) and
         `superscriptedition=kerning' (replaces \jbsseditionkerned) introduced.
    \bibpagename and \bibpagesname introduced for separate formatting of 
	 pages in the bibliography.
    year after label (`}% <year>') removed in jurabib.bst.
    new field `updated' for @commented introduced, `suggested' by
         Holger Pollmann in dctt.
    @phdthesis function rewritten. `format.mthesis' and `format.juradiss.thesis'
         removed. Now only one generic function `format.thesis'.
         Bug reported by Marco Kuhlmann.
    German documentation extracted to jbgerdoc.tex. `latex jurabib.dtx'
         will no longer produce any documentation.
    TEXTEDITION FIELD REMOVED, same behavior is available by enclosing the
         edition in braces.
    new option `hypercite=false' for disabling automated hyperlinks when
         using hyperref package, suggested by Tilman Finke.
    mixed series and title in FUNCTION {format.btitle.vol} in jurabib.bst
         and jureco.bst corrected.
    \nopage and \pageadd can be used in pages field, Bug reported by
         Sönke Schaal (<s.schaal at freenet.de>), solution suggested by
         Stefan Ulrich.
    changed version numbering.
    Ibidem/Idem-bugfix. Bug reported by Sönke Schaal (<s.schaal at freenet.de>)
         If German, `ibidem' and `idem' are used together, it appears
         `A.a.O.Ders.' because of ``hardcoded'' gender macros for German in
    bugfix regarding `superscriptedition=bib', the normal edition number
         was not suppressed for the first entry in the bibliography,
         bug reported by Andrea Heilmann (<andrea.heilmann at t-online.de>).
    jurabib.sty now removes `%' at the line end similar to hyperref.sty,
         (special thanks to Stefan Ulrich!).
    new option `citetoend' introduced, converts \cite's (= non-footcite's)
         into endnotes (endnotes.sty has to be loaded).
    check for chapter numbers > 1 removed (options `citefull=chapter' and
    wrong warnings about ambiguous citations while using `authorformat=year'
         removed (bug reported by Anneke Emse).
    french and dutch translations for translator stuff inserted,
         contributed by Hélène Fernandez (french) and Maarten Wisse (dutch).
    once again \biburlfont command rewritten, hyperlinks were missing.
    new url-interface, contributed by Stefan Ulrich, solves problems
         with url.sty and hyperref.sty.
   `authorformat=indexed' is working for \nobibliography now
        (suggested by Thomas Rahlf). Thanks to Stefan Ulrich.
    ibidem options are able to make a difference between same/different
         pages for subsequent citations by \samepageibidemname or
         \samepageibidemmidname and \diffpageibidemname or \diffpageibidemmidname.
    endnotes-support: non-\footcite-commands are no longer automatically
         converted into endnotes.
    \formatarticlepages[<separator>]{<page left delim>}{<page right delim>}
         changed to
         \formatpages[<separator>]{<typelist>}{<page left delim>}{<page right delim>}
         The <typelist> allows you to specify any publication type for which you want 
	 to print out a starting page.
    new command \jbdotafterendnote places dot after endnote, analogous
    improved endotes.sty support -- emulated natbib cite commands are translated 
	 into endnotes too.
    new option `ibidem=name&title&auto' (suggested by Wolfgang Lange <wfl at ipg.mpg.de>).
    built-in footmisc's `multiple'-option (comma between subsequent \footnotes)
         (suggested by Wolfgang Lange <wfl at ipg.mpg.de>).
   `format.title' replaced by `format.artperiodincoll.title' for @inproceedings
         (suggested by Olaf Meltzer).
    special macros for gender-dependent i(bi)dem introduced -- separately for
         bibliography (long) and citations (shorter).
    some internal corrections and bug fixes. (regarding the footnote period problem).
    a set of natbib emulating citation commands (without starred variants and
         not so nifty) introduced.
    \par's are possible inside the annote field.
    `opcit' no longer switches `authorformat=year' automatically, the
         shorttitle will be used now to avoid ambiguous citations.
    `gender'-field for German users of the `idem' option added. This field
         can be used with six possible values:`sf'= singular female,
         `pf'= plural male, `sm'=singular male,`pf'=plural male,
         `sn'= singular neutrum and `pn'=plural neutrum.
     new command \citetitleonly{<key>} added, this command doesn't print the
     undocumented option `footnotes=marginal' is working now also when using 
    `idem' is working properly for multiple keys (e.g. \footcite{<key1>,>key2>} will
         produce `Author, title; idem, other title').
    `annote' option added. Enables output of the annote field, For commented 
     `et al.'-generating mechanism for full names (non-labels) in jurabib.bst
         and jureco.bst is now the same as for the label (more than three
         authors/editors ==> et al.)
     jurabib should work well now with endnotes.sty. You can use all cite
         commands like before, the simple loading of endnotes.sty will print
         all your citations as endnotes (well, you have to place \theendnotes
         appropriate yourself).
     Any `howcited'-option can be used with any other (except of `howcited=all').
         `howcited=compare' places the remark only, if the shorttitle was used
         at least one time.
     Missing documentation of some v0.5e features (new entry fields) added.
     no longer LaTeX error message, if `authorformat=indexed' is used
         without using makeidx.sty. You will get a warning from jurabib instead.
     babel option `ngerman' is handled correct now (Thanks to Robert Schlicht).
     `idem' is working now inside a bibliographic entry (i. e. if the editor
         `edited a collection of articles and he himself wrote an article in it').
     small bug in definition of \bibimfont and \edfont removed.

  New BibTeX-style for the humanities:

      jox.bst (beta stage)

      This style replaces jhuman.bst and does oxford like formatting. It is
      available only (as long as it is in beta stage) at


Please replace the current files in the directory

And please send an announcement to ctt.


Jens Berger
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the upload.  I installed it as suggested in
replacing the old version.

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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