CTAN submission -- sihyph23.tex

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Thu Jan 10 08:56:50 CET 2002

----- Forwarded message from "Johannes L. Braams" -----
On behalf of Primoz Peterlin I have uploaded the file sihyph23.tex
to ftp.dante.de\incoming.
It should replace sihyph22.tex in /tex-archive/language/slovene.
The licensing conditions dodn't change. Primoz wrote:

> For quite a number of years, TeX users in Slovenia are patching the
> hyphenation patterns that are coming with their distribution of choice
> with the newer ones, sihyph23.tex. For reasons unknown to me, they never
> succeed to propagate the changes upstream to the source... :)
> Anyway, I would like to ask you to include in the next release of babel
> package the corrected Slovenian hyphenation patterns, as found on
> ftp://sizif.mf.uni-lj.si/pub/i18n/tex/.
> Slovenian hyphenation patterns were made by Matjaz Vrecko in 1990. During
> the late 90's, they were maintained mostly by Leon Zlajpah
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the upload.  I installed the file as suggested in
replacing the old version sihyph22.tex

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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