VTeX/Free 7.530 for Linux and OS/2

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Wed Jan 30 15:23:46 CET 2002

Release 7.530 of VTeX/Free is now mirrored in the CTAN
directory sytems/vtex/ .

VTeX/Free is a free TeX system, which is available for the 
Linux-x86 and OS/2 platforms.

Unlike traditional TeX systems, VTeX/Free can generate 
PDF and PostScript output immediately from the TeX source.  
No intermediate DVI files are generated, no "dvi driver
programs" are required, and there is no need to care for
their -- sometimes problematic -- setup.  Common PostScript
and PDF viewers such as Ghostscript and Acrobat Reader can 
be used for (pre)viewing and printing.

VTeX/Free includes a PostScript "distiller", thus inclusion
of PostScript graphics as well as inline PostScript
programming (PSTricks, psfrag etc.)  are supported, even
when generating PDF output.

VTeX/Free comes with a comprehensive LaTeX systen and many
additional packages and fonts, now including also the full
collection of the EC/TC fonts in Type 1 format.

See the file CTAN:systems/vtex/NEWS for a list of all
additions, changes and fixes with this release.

VTeX/Free is a partial port of the commercial TeX system
VTeX/Win by MicroPress Inc.

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