BiBLE Package moved on CTAN

Rainer Schoepf schoepf at
Thu Jul 11 10:42:10 CEST 2002

The author of the BiBLE package, Kai Schreiber has clarified the license
conditions, so that we can move it from the nonfree part of CTAN into the
standard tree. The path is therefore now


For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

-------------readme.txt for bible package
README.TXT for BiBLE for Windows
V0.99 (15.03.2000)

Before you use this software, read and understand the following:

1. BiBLE was written because I wanted a convenient way to edit my
   own BibTeX library. I can't and won't guarantee that it works
   with yours. Try it at your own risk.
2. Don't use the program on your library before you know what you're
   doing. Create a backup copy of your library.
3. If you find any errors or have suggestions for future versions,
   tell me. Maybe I'll include them. schreiber at
4. You may redistribute this package only as a whole with all the
   files unchanged. The distribution contains:

   bible.exe      - the win32 executable
   bible.hlp      - the windows helpfile
   bible.ini      - initialization file
   test.bib       - demonstration database
   readme.txt     - this file
   versions.txt   - the version history

5. BiBLE is free to use.
6. Read the windows helpfile.
7. The .ini-file contains the information about the possible itemtypes
   and their fields. If you want to add custom items, you can do so.
   Just add another type-name to the "types=..." line, and a line
   saying "typename=x,f,f,f,f". The x is the number of required fields
   following, the fs are the numbers of the field in the "fields=..."
   line. If you want to add your own optional or required fields DO SO
   ONLY AT THE END OF THAT LINE or all the other items will get messed
   up. The line starting with "choice=" contains alternative field pairs.
   Don't change the first pair, as it is the only one where you can have
   both field values set (type inbook, fields chapter and/or pages). If
   you need custom fields with and/or behaviour contact me and explain
8. Have fun.

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