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Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Fri Jun 21 11:00:47 CEST 2002

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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: KOMA-Script
Name and email: Markus Kohm
Suggested location on CTAN: tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/koma-script
Summary description: KOMA-Script, a versatile LaTeX2e bundle
License type: Free

Announcement text:
The KOMA-Script team is happy to announce the June '02  
Release of the KOMA-Script bundle aka "What we forgot in  
our previous release".  
What is KOMA-Script  
KOMA-Script is a versatile bundle of LaTeX2e document  
classes and packages. It aims to be a replacement to  
the standard LaTeX2e classes.  
  KOMA-Script does not stop with the features known from  
the standard classes, but it extends the possibilities  
in order to provide the user an almost complete working  
Versions of classes and packages at this release:  
  scrartcl.cls  2002/06/21  v2.9  
  scrbook.cls   2002/06/21  v2.9  
  scrreprt.cls  2002/06/21  v2.9  
  scrlttr2.cls  2002/06/21  v2.9  
  scrlettr.cls  2002/05/24  v2.6e (obsolete)  
  scrtime.sty   2002/02/02  v1.1m  
  scrdate.sty   2002/02/02  v1.1m  
  scrpage2.sty  2002/03/28  v2.1  
  typearea.sty  2002/06/21  v2.9  
  scrlfile.sty  2002/06/21  v2.9  
  scrpage.sty   2001/06/22  v1.3c (obsolete)  
  scraddr.sty   2002/06/02  v1.1b  
What is new in this KOMA-Script release  
The two most important changes are that there is now  
a completely rewritten letter class (scrlttr2) included  
and for our non-german users we are happy to provide  
the first time in the KOMA-Script history a complete  
english manual.  
  Furthermore, the article, report and book classes  
know some new options, commands and environments.  
For example KOMA-Script provides an environment to  
set captions beside a figure or table. Enhanced control  
over the captions should make packages like caption2  
almost unnecessary. A new interface allows to select the  
style of different text elements very easily.  
  The scrdate and scrtime packages now support also  
the languages dutch and croatian.  
  The new package scrlfile gives package developers  
and even users more control over package dependencies.  
This release includes of course some minor bug fixes  
and many more enhancements not mentioned here.  
Go discover.  
Notes to the CTAN and the TeX Catalogue maintainers:  
- I've used tar.bz2 because it's much shorter. 
- There's a ``koma-script.xml'' at this distribution. 
Please use it or modified version of it for The TeX 
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Thanks for uploading the new version.  I installed it as suggested in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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