New CTAN package: ePiX

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Mon Jun 24 15:48:26 CEST 2002

A new package has been installed at and should make
its way to your favorite mirror in a day or so.

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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor.

Name of contribution: ePiX
Author's name: Andrew D. Hwang
Location on CTAN: graphics/epix
Summary description: LaTeX preprocessor for creating mathematically accurate figures
License type: gpl

Announcement text given by the contribution's author:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
ePiX ("epic" with a soft "k":) is a command-driven (non-GUI) preprocessor 
for creating flexible, mathematically accurate line figures containing 
mathematical typography. The language is simple and easy to use; detailed 
documentation and sample files are included. ePiX is written for and tested 
on GNU/Linux, but should run on any Unix-like operating system; a C++ compiler
 and GNU Bash are required for ordinary use.

ePiX is very usable, but in a fairly rapid state of development; feedback 
(bug reports, feature requests, general suggestions) is welcome!
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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