New release of the UK TeX FAQ

Robin Fairbairns uktug-faq at
Mon May 13 17:34:56 CEST 2002

I have just released v3.0 of the UK TeX FAQ, both to the web
( and to CTAN (help/uk-tex-faq)

This release represents a major upheaval of a good proportion of the
FAQ; I have re-arranged the questions into what seems to me to more
nearly to represent logical order.  (Note that I don't believe it's
possible to have an entirely logical order, but I believe this new
order is better.)

There are changes to the way in which things are presented, as well as
several new questions (for some of which I am indebted to help from
other people).

However, users should beware.  The structure is sufficiently different
that things may have gone wrong and not been noticed in my testing.
If the FAQ misbehaves for you, in whatever way, feel free to mail me
at the supposed "From" address of this message.

I remain open to suggestions for new questions and answers; the FAQ
itself tells you how to submit such things.

Robin Fairbairns

UK TeX FAQ maintainer

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