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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor.

Name of contribution: University of Wisconsin-Madison Slide Class File
Author's name: Eric Benedict
Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/supported/uwmslide
Summary description: Produces slides with a simple Power Point like appearance.  Several different slide enviroments are included.
License type: artistic

Announcement text given by the contribution's author:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
A slide format which produces slides with a simple
Power Point like appearance.

Several useful features include:
- - uses standard titlepage to produce title slide
- - several slide environments including:
   - plain slide (page with a title)
   - double slide (two column page with slide title)
   - item slide (item list with title)
   - left item slide
   - right item slide
- - places a logo on the upper left corner of each slide if  
  the logo file logo.eps is present.
- - preconfigured in landscape mode
- - uses Times Roman by default for simple conversion to *.pdf

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Additional announcement information, by the package's author.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

This slide class is different from what I found (when I wrote it a few years
ago) first in that it has a different 'look and feel' for the output
format.  I wanted a simple base slide format which would mimic the format
of the Power Point slides which my collegues were producing.   

This class also adds different slide environments which simplify the 
construction of the presentation.  While I saw the idea of 
\begin{slide} ... \end{slide} in other classes; I added the ability to
put in slide titles as well as creating different `stock format' slides.
The preformatted slides allow for quicker presentation creation and
are unique to my knowledge.  For example to make an itemized list slide:

\begin{itemslide}{Example Itemized List}
\item First Point
\item Second Point
\item Third Point

Philosphically, I also was trying to minimize the amount of formating tricks
which were needed by the user.  I wanted the slide class to take care of
those issues as cleanly as possible. 

I've also included a sample presentation which puts the class through its
paces as it were. 

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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