CTAN submission -- jurabib package v0.52p

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Mon Sep 30 15:52:00 CEST 2002

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I've just uploaded the file jurabib-052p.tar.gz to


This archive contains an updated version (0.52p) of the jurabib package.

It is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

The following files are included:


Changes since 0.52h:

    natbib commands are working with `authorformat=index' now
	(bug reported by Jose Ignacio Sanchez-Macias).
    some changes in spjbbib.ldf (suggested by Jose Ignacio
    bugfix for missing \endgroup (double \begingroup!) while
	calling \jbcitenotitle.
    removed doubled comma, if number and volume are given,
	while \artnumberformat prints out a comma by itself
	(reported by Kai Kramer and Jose Ignacio Sanchez-Macias).
    no longer double output of year for @article type (generated
	shorttitle contains `journal year').
    fallback to url (if url given and neither shortauthor or shorttitle
	are given) removed, because of problems of detecting
	not given url.
    check for `commabeforerest' introduced for \citefield.
    no longer additional shorttitle, if `authorformat=year' is used.
    `\bfseries ?' replaced by `{\bfseries ?, #1}' (suggested by
        Tilman Finke).
    hardcoded `in:' removed (reported by Peter Flynn).
    No longer warnings about ambiguous citations if
        `authorformat=year' is used.
    New entry type @LEXICON introduced (alpha stage!).
    bugfix regarding babel's french options (reported by Peter Flynn).
    sort.format.names removed for sortkey. All spaces are ignored now.
    natbib-emulated command `\citet' improved (bug reported by Klaus
    \citeworkwithtitle{} allows to specify a list of works (keys), for
	those the title should always be printed (suggested by
	Till A. Heilmann)
    natbib emulation commands using the first optional argument for
	pages now (bug reported by Bear F. Braumoeller).
    rewritten macro \jbfirstcitepageranges. Documentation added.
    Counting of citations inside \footnote's introduced to avoid
	lowercase ibidem at the begin of the footnote.
    `pages=always' includes no longer the pagerange in the short
    lowercase ibidem for inline citations or \cite's inside the same
	footnote (reported by Matthias Damm).
    some \def's replaced by \DeclareRobustCommand's.
    bugfix for indexing with `index' package, reported by
	Dirk Steinmeyer.
    No special code for loaded footmisc, exceeded TeX capacity if
        `multiple' option was used (reported by Thorsten Manegold).
    Printout no title, if `authorformat=year' is used
        and no shorttitle is given (reported by Carsten Mennenoeh).
    output of startpage for ibidem citations is suppressed now
        (suggested by Benjamin von Engelhardt).

Please replace the current files in the directory
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Thanks for the upload.  I installed the new version (plus documentation)
as suggested replacing the old version in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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