footmisc.dtx v5.3

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Thu Dec 11 22:59:58 CET 2003

i have just installed a new version of footmisc.sty in ctan directory

changes from the previous version are:

- mending a bug about per-page footnote numbers in a gather
- added \DefineFNsymbol* variant
- some new predefined symbol sets
- symbol* option uses symbol set lamport*-robust
- "hang"ing footnotes may hang for more than one paragraph (misfeature

many of the changes were suggested by frank mittelbach, as part of his
on-going attempts to produce something he actually liked documenting
for the latex companion.  it's been a long time since he asked for
anything new, so i'm guessing it's time to submit this new version for
the world's attention.

Robin Fairbairns

Package author, acting as a member of the CTAN team

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