CTAN upload: corelfonts

Jim Hefferon ftpmaint at alan.smcvt.edu
Thu Feb 13 21:12:40 CET 2003

A new package has been installed at tug.ctan.org and should
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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor.

Name of contribution: corelfonts
Author's name: Tony McClelland
Location on CTAN: fonts/utilities/corelfonts
Summary description: Perl script to install all Bitstream fonts on a Corel Ventura CD for use with LaTeX
License type: lppl

Announcement text given by the contribution's author:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
There are several Bitstream PostScript Type1 fonts on the Corel Ventura 5 CD 
(and probably other Corel products). This perl script will automatically 
install them to your TeXMF tree and create LaTeX package files to use with 
them. You will need a Corel CD, perl and fontinst for this to work.
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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