upload musixps-unix.tar.gz 1.13

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 19 08:34:27 CET 2003

Takanori Uchiyama writes:

> I uploaded musixps-unix.tar.gz at cam.ctan.org.
> Please replace previous one on fonts/musixtex/ps-type1/.
> The license of the fonts is LPPL.
> VERSION 1.13
>   + Fix a problem that xslz20 disappears with Acrobat 5.
> This package provides PostScript (type 1) fonts (PFB format), and
> dvips and dvipdfm map files for MusiXTeX. The fonts are based on the
> original METAFONT sources, such as musix20.mf, which are distributed
> with MusiXTeX. The fonts provided here may be used to produce
> printer-independent Postscript files. PDF files generated using type
> 1 fonts are well displayed by the Acrobat Reader and xpdf.
> The fonts were generated from the METAFONT sources in the TeX Live
> CD 2000 July using TeXtrace 0.45 or mftrace 1.0.12 but musix11-20,
> xslhz20 and xslhz20d were upgraded to those in musixtex-T102.tar.gz.
> Here is a list of the 71 generated fonts.
> musix11.pfb  xgreg24.pfb  xsld29.pfb   xslhd24.pfb  xslhu24.pfb  xslu20.pfb
> musix13.pfb  xgreg29.pfb  xsld29d.pfb  xslhd24d.pfb xslhu24d.pfb xslu20d.pfb
> musix16.pfb  xsld11.pfb   xsldd20.pfb  xslhd29.pfb  xslhu29.pfb  xslu24.pfb
> musix20.pfb  xsld11d.pfb  xsldu20.pfb  xslhd29d.pfb xslhu29d.pfb xslu24d.pfb
> musix24.pfb  xsld13.pfb   xslhd11.pfb  xslhu11.pfb  xslhz20.pfb  xslu29.pfb
> musix29.pfb  xsld13d.pfb  xslhd11d.pfb xslhu11d.pfb xslhz20d.pfb xslu29d.pfb
> musixsps.pfb xsld16.pfb   xslhd13.pfb  xslhu13.pfb  xslu11.pfb   xslud20.pfb
> musixspx.pfb xsld16d.pfb  xslhd13d.pfb xslhu13d.pfb xslu11d.pfb  xslup20.pfb
> xgreg11.pfb  xsld20.pfb   xslhd16.pfb  xslhu16.pfb  xslu13.pfb   xslz20.pfb
> xgreg13.pfb  xsld20d.pfb  xslhd16d.pfb xslhu16d.pfb xslu13d.pfb  xslz20d.pfb
> xgreg16.pfb  xsld24.pfb   xslhd20.pfb  xslhu20.pfb  xslu16.pfb   xtie20.pfb
> xgreg20.pfb  xsld24d.pfb  xslhd20d.pfb xslhu20d.pfb xslu16d.pfb
> Note: musix25 and xgreg25 were not generated because they are not used in 
>       musixgre.tex or musixtex.tex.
> The control points were reduced with Fontographer.
> The fonts were hinted automatically with Fontographer.  musix11 - 29 were
> hand tuned by Takanori Uchiyama.

thanks for the upload (i was worrying about this font -- i should have
guessed you would do the "right thing" :-).  i have installed it here,
and it will make its way to the other ctan sites soon.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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