CTAN submission: Matthias Clasen's TeX extensions

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Fri Feb 21 16:40:43 CET 2003

----- Forwarded message from Werner LEMBERG -----
With permission of Matthias I've just uploaded his bundle of TeX
extensions (clasen.tar.bz2) to ftp.dante.de.  Note that this stuff is
about five years old -- the old ftp address is no longer valid.

I'm not sure where to install since I couldn't find similar stuff; I
suggest `systems/extensions/' as the place where to unpack the archive
(which creates an additional subdirectory called `clasen').

Below some text for ctan-ann.


This bundle contains some proposals for extensions to TeX   
which I have implemented in a series of change files.  These
have only been tested with web2c 7.2 as contained on the    
TeX live III CD. 

  Adapt Knuth's glue.web to replace all cases of floating-point
  arithmetic in TeX by fixed-point counterparts.

  Implements hyphen classes.

  Implements demerits for more than 2 consecutive hyphens.

  Implements nestable and under math accents.

  Implements primitives to switch to cramped styles.

  Implements generalized radicals with a left and right delimiter.
  Implements \mathstyle and \fraction.

  Implement the hz-algorithm, ie using variants of a font to achieve
  better justification.

  Implement \marginchar for hanging punctuation and hyphenation and
  optical margin correction.
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Thanks for your upload.  I installed it in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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