new shapepar bundle (version 2.0)

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Thu Jan 23 14:04:56 CET 2003

Donald Arseneau writes:

> I have uploaded version 2.0 of shapepar to
> cambridge_ctan:incoming/shapepar.tar.gz  with contents:
> shapepar/
> shapepar/Canflagshape.def
> shapepar/shapepar.ltx
> shapepar/TeXshape.def
> shapepar/candleshape.def
> shapepar/
> shapepar/README.shapepar
> shapepar/shapepar.sty
> Please unpack this so the new shapepar directory appears in
> macros/latex/contrib/supported, and remove the previous
> macros/latex/contrib/other/misc/shapepar.sty.
> Since shapepar.sty continues to be functional under plain
> TeX, please update whatever symbolic link exists from
> macros/plain or macros/generic to reflect the new location.
> doesn't really belong in the macros tree because
> it is a Python script (by Manuel Gutierrez Algaba).  Feel free
> to relocate it.
> Also uploaded is a revised incoming/shapepar.xml to replace 
> help/Catalogue/entries/shapepar.xml, but someone with more
> experience should check it.  
> - I probably did not update all the information properly,
> - I don't know which distributions carry shapepar.sty
> Abstract:
> The "\shapepar" macro (or `command') is used to typeset paragraphs of
> a specified shape, where the total size is adjusted automatically so
> that the entire shape is filled with text, and the shape may include
> separate pieces and holes. These macros work for both \LaTeX\ and 
> plain \TeX. 
> New with version 2.0:
>  o  \cutout for fitting shape in surrounding text
>  o  Fixed-size shapes
>  o  Considerable re-write
>  o  Bug fix for disjoint parts
>  o  Allow back-spacing between disjoint parts
>  o  Typeset manual
>  o  More pre-defined shapes

i've installed the files as requested, and deleted the old version.

thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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