xdoc upload

Rainer Schöpf rainer.schoepf at proteosys.com
Tue Jul 8 21:32:04 CEST 2003

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, Lars Hellström wrote:

 > I have to ftp.dante.de uploaded an archive xdoc.tar.gz into /incoming. It
 > contains a directory xdoc with the six files:
 >   README.txt
 >   docindex.dtx
 >   docindex.ins
 >   xdoc2.dtx
 >   xdoc2.ins
 >   xdocdemo.tex
 > and I would like to have them put in /macros/latex/contrib/xdoc. The
 > licence that applies is the LPPL.
 > This is an update of the material in /macros/latex/exptl/xdoc, so that
 > directory and its contents can be removed. It should probably be replaced
 > by a link to the new contrib/xdoc directory.
 > BTW, am I right if I assume that you are in a process of moving the
 > previous contents of /macros/latex/contrib/other and
 > /macros/latex/contrib/supported to simply /macros/latex/contrib?  (It
 > certainly looks that way in the archive.)

Yes, we are. We announced this on the ctan-ann mailing lsit a while ago.

Thanks for the upload, I installed the new material in


and changed the directory


to a link to the new one.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

 > On what these files are:
 > xdoc2.dtx:
 >   The xdoc2 package contains reimplementations of some of
 >   the features found in the standard LaTeX doc package
 >   by Mittelbach et al. Amongst other things, these
 >   reimplementations provide support for:
 >   * definiting new commands similar to \DescribeMacro and
 >     new environments similar to the macro environment,
 >   * two-sided document layouts,
 >   * sorting of version numbers as 2 < 11 < 100
 >     (if they are marked up using \uintver),
 >   * external cross-referencing,
 >   * making index entries for invisible characters,
 >   * optionally ignoring certain prefixes (such as @ and
 >     @@) in macro names when sorting them.
 >   The xdocdemo document demonstrates a couple of these
 >   features.
 >   I consider the xdoc2 package to merely be the second
 >   prototype for an (as yet nonexistant) package xdoc which
 >   should provide the same features (and more). I have
 >   decided to release the prototype to make its functionality
 >   generally avaiable, but under a variant name to avoid
 >   future incompatibility problems. (E.g., the final xdoc
 >   package will probably use many LaTeX2e* features that are
 >   still on the prototype stage. xdoc2, on the other hand,
 >   uses no LaTeX2e* features.)
 > docindex.dtx:
 >   docindex.dtx contains a reimplementation of the doc mechanisms for
 >   sorting and formatting a sorted index. docindex.ins installs two forms
 >   of this package: docindex (which is a LaTeX2e* package) and docidx2e
 >   (which works with the normal LaTeX2e). The main advantage of these
 >   packages over the doc mechanisms is that configuration has been made
 >   much easier.

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