CTAN submission -- PSNFSS 9.0c

Rainer Schöpf schoepf at proteosys.com
Mon Jul 21 10:21:08 CEST 2003

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Walter Schmidt wrote:

> I have uploaded the files psnfss9c.zip, lw35nfss.zip and
> freenfss.zip to the /incoming directory at dante.ctan.org.
> Please, unpack psnfss9c.zip in the directory
>   macros/latex/required/psnfss
> and copy the other zip files to the same directory, without
> unpacking them.
> This is version 9.0c of the PSNFSS collection, the interface
> to use the Base 35 and other free PostScript fonts with LaTeX.

Thanks for the update. I replaced the directory


with its new contents.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

> From the change log:
> * mathptmx,sty, mathpazo.sty:  \upOmega and \UpDelta are of
> type \mathord now, to make sure that they are always upright
> * pifont.sty:  \Pifill and \dingfill should no longer fail at
> the beginning or end of a paragraph. (Bug fix suggested by FMi.)
> * mathptm(x).sty:  \jmath, \coprod, and \amalg will now generate
> error messages rather than print black squares.  (Suggested by
> FMi.)
> * Small changes to the documentation.
> * Enhanced test0.tex to test also the math alphabets.
> * 8r.enc:  version 2.0, comprising all of the Mac Roman
> character set, too.
> * The *.map files and the file 8r.enc have been moved out of the
> ZIP archives, since their final location in the texmf tree may
> vary due to changes in the TDS specs.
> Notice that the font metrics, virtual fonts and fd files
> are unchanged for the time being.  The archives lw35nfss.zip
> and freenfss.zip were updated only because the .map and .enc
> files are no longer included there.  (See the last item of
> the change log.)
> The license of PSNFSS is, of course, LPPL.

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