upload (new version of) mimetex.zip to ftp.dante.de

Rainer Schöpf rainer.schoepf at proteosys.com
Tue Jul 29 15:12:47 CEST 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, John Forkosh wrote:

 >  As per your README.uploads instructions...
 >    + what you've uploaded
 >         mimetex.zip
 >         (version 1.10, to replace support/mimetex/mimetex.zip)
 >    + which CTAN node you've uploaded to
 >         ftp.dante.de
 >    + where you want the files to go
 >         support/mimetex
 >              Please REPLACE all existing files (mimetex.zip and README) in
 >         support/mimetex (and please  unzip mimetex.zip README  and then
 >         place this separate copy of README "alongside" mimetex.zip in the
 >         support/mimetex directory)
 >    + what licensing conditions you apply to your software
 >         GNU GPL
 >    + brief summary of what your upload is intended to do.
 >         (a) Completely replaced mimeTeX's original built-in fonts
 >             with thinner and more pleasing fonts, and added one
 >             larger font size.
 >         (b) Also: several new and tested, but as yet unused, functions
 >             to eventually support super-sampling anti-aliasing
 >             (with or without rotated grid), and general code modifications
 >             to eventually support this improved anti-aliasing.
 >      ----------------------------------------------------
 >      From the original submission...
 >              MimeTeX parses LaTeX math expressions, and emits either mime
 >         xbitmaps or gif images of them, rather than the usual TeX dvi's.
 >         Therefore, mimeTeX's images can be imported directly into html
 >         documents with the <tag>, e.g.,
 >           <img src="../cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi?f(x)=\int_{-\infty}^x~e^{-t^2}dt"
 >            border=0 align=absmiddle>
 >         without intermediate dvi-to-gif conversion, and without storing
 >         lots of little gif files, one file for each converted expression.
 >         This makes your html documents more readable and easily maintained.
 >         See
 >                     http://www.forkosh.com/mimetex.html#examples
 >         for examples demonstrating mimeTeX's features and usage.
 >              MimeTeX is primarily intended to help maintain native html
 >         documents containing math, not primarily for latex2html-like tasks
 >         where you're maintaining native LaTeX documents that are later
 >         redistributed in several formats, including html.  In this sense
 >         it's a kind of "lightweight" alternative to MathML, with the
 >         advantage that mimeTeX preserves LaTeX syntax.
 >              Similar non-MathML packages, like textogif and gladTeX,
 >         require setup procedures that use TeX to help generate external
 >         gif images of your equations, which are later included
 >         in your html document as it's being rendered.  MimeTeX, as far
 >         as I know, is the only such non-MathML package that has its
 >         own built-in parser and rendering engine, entirely independent
 >         of TeX, and therefore requires no setup procedure or external
 >         images whatsoever.  It renders realtime, on-the-fly images
 >         directly from LaTeX math expressions embedded in html documents.

Thanks for the update. I replaced mimetex.zip and README in the



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