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Mon Jun 2 12:43:33 CEST 2003

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Name of contribution: tpslifonts package v0.6
Name and email: Stephan Lehmke <Stephan.Lehmke at udo.edu>
Suggested location on CTAN: macros/latex/exptl/texpower/tpslifonts
Summary description: A LaTeX package for configuring presentation fonts
License type: GNU Project

Announcement text:
When I see a presentation which is a little demanding
wrt fonts (especially when a lot of math is used),
I'm usually disappointed by font readability.

Most commercial `presentation tools' are completely
out of the question because they don't have a clue
about math formatting.

But even when some LaTeX package is used, often the
readability is not so good.

cm math fonts at large design sizes are difficult to
read from far away, especially at low resolutions and
low contrast color choice.

What is more, the LaTeX presentation packages do almost
nothing for math readability.

To name a few, combining cmr with cm math (seminar default),
combining cmss with cm math (foils), or combining helvetica
with cm math (prosper) doesn't help readability and 
sometimes leads to positively ugly results.

It has to be said that real alternatives in the form 
of `presentation-friendly' math fonts freely available
in PostScript Type1 format exist only since very

Thanks to Harald Harders for providing the hfbright
collection and to Walter Schmidt for the cmbright fonts
and for changing the license to make this possible.

I hope that the ideas realised in the tpslifonts
package lead to much better overall readability of 
some font combinations.

The package tpslifonts offers a couple of `harmonising' combinations
of text and math fonts from the (distant) relatives of computer modern
fonts, with a couple of extras for optimising readability.

The package offers the following features:

 1) Text fonts from computer modern roman, computer modern sans serif,
    SliTeX computer modern sans serif, computer modern bright, or
    concrete roman.

 2) Support for OT1 and T1 font encoding.

 3) Math fonts from computer modern math, computer modern bright math,
    or Euler fonts. 

 4) Support of additional symbol fonts like AMS symbols or

 5) All fonts configured for `smooth scaling' (like in the type1cm

 6) Avoiding fonts not freely available in Type 1 format.

 7) Careful design size selection for optimum readability.

For some of the options to yield satisfying results, it is neccessary
to install additional (free) Type1 fonts on your system.

There's no intention to support other font families like the typical
``psnfss'' PostScript fonts, as they usually don't come in different
design sizes, making the effort of tuning them for viewing futile. If
you wish to use such a font, load it with the usual packages.

tpslifonts is part of the TeXPower bundle, residing at 


but is completely independent and can be used without texpower without
problems. The example document slifontsexample.tex can also be
compiled without TeXPower installed.

A precompiled version of the example document
(showing SliTeX computer modern sans serif text
together with cmbright math) can be downloaded from

As I'm not really a font expert, I'm of course interested
in opinions of the experts concerning the concepts
behind tpslifonts and suggestions for improvement.

Stephan Lehmke

Thanks for the upload;  I installed it as suggested in

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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