CTAN submission: Euler-VM fonts 3.0

Rainer Schöpf schoepf at proteosys.com
Thu Jun 12 17:08:09 CEST 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Walter Schmidt wrote:

> the ZIP archive file eulervm-30.zip has been uploaded to
> the /incoming directory at dante.ctan.org.  Please, unpack
> it into the directory
>   fonts/eulervm
> Doing so will update all files in this directory and in the
> subdirectories tfm/, vf/ and fontinst/, and add also some new
> files (in fontinst/).
> This is version 3.0 of the Virtual Euler Math fonts and the
> related LaTeX macros.
> From the change log:
> * The symbols \leq and \geq now show the shape that is
> preferred by DEK in conjunction with the Euler fonts.
> (Credits to Frank Mittelbach for pointing me to this!)
> The width of the symbols is unchanged.
> * The package option [small] now acts on the AMS fonts,
> too, so there are no more restrictions affecting the
> usage of amssymb.sty in conjunction with the Euler fonts.
> * Slightly changed mapping of font sizes to design sizes
> used.  Particularly, when a math font with a size of 8pt is
> requested, we are now going to scale up a 7pt font, rather
> than scaling down a 10pt one.  This should improve the
> apprearance of documents with a normal font size of 11pt,
> where 8pt is used for super- and subscripts.  Strictly
> speaking, this is an incompatible change, but I hope that
> the amount of practical problems is tolerable, as compared
> with the improvement.
> * Fixed Makefile so as not to install the auto-generated FD
> files, which are lacking the code for the [small] option.
> * VFs and TFMs were now generated using the latest version of
> fontinst.  As a result, the font metrics have changed slightly,
> because of the improved rounding algorithm.  This may cause
> problems when procesing existing DVI files, but the metrics are
> definitely correct now.

Thanks for the update, I installed it as requested.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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