CTAN upload notification: sidecap

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Mon May 5 14:34:21 CEST 2003

----- Forwarded message from ctan-upload -----
The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: sidecap
Name and email: Rolf Niepraschk
Suggested location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/sidecap/
Summary description: LaTeX package `sidecap' (update)
License type: LaTeX Project

Announcement text:

Please remove all old files in `macros/latex/contrib/sidecap/' and unpack
`sidepack.zip' at the same location.

This package defines the new environments SCfigure and SCtable, analogous to
figure and table, which make it easy to typeset captions sideways. The package
knows the options outercaption, innercaption, leftcaption and rightcaption.
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the upload.  I installed the new version of the sidecap package in 
CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/sidecap/ according to our new directory structure.

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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