CTAN upload notification: alnumsec

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Wed Nov 5 08:50:16 CET 2003

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The following information was provided by our fellow contributor:

Name of contribution: alnumsec
Name and email: Frank K├╝ster
Suggested location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/alnumsec
Summary description: alphanumeric sectioning numbering with standard sectioning commands
License type: lppl

Announcement text:
This package allows you to use alphanumeric section numbering, e.g.:
A. Introduction; III. International Law. It s output is similar to
alphanum.sty, but you can use the standard LaTeX sectioning commands.
Thus it is possible to switch numbering schemes easily. Greek letters,
double letters (bb) and different delimiters around them are supported.
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Thanks for the upload.  I installed the new package in
CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/alnumsec as suggested.

However, I added the above announcement text to the README file in that
directory.  For a cursory visitor, this is a bit more informative than
just installation instructions.

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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