CTAN Submission -- lettrine

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Wed Nov 12 10:31:42 CET 2003

----- Forwarded message from Daniel Flipo -----
I have just uploaded into ftp.dante.de/incoming a file lettrine.tar.gz,
which contains an upgrade (V 1.5) of the lettrine package designed to
typeset various sorts of dropped capitals.

It should replace the old version in 'macros/latex/contrib/lettrine'.

The license is unchanged (LPPL).
This release offers a new functionality:
%    Instead of giving optional parameters to the |\lettrine| command,
%    it is now possible to set them on a per character basis in a 
%    second config file (this was suggested by Pascal Kockaert):
%    |\renewcommand{\DefaultOptionsFile}{|\textit{filename}|}|
%    in the preamble (or anywhere in the document) will
%    force each call to |\lettrine| to read the file \textit{filename}.
%    See examples of such config files in the subdirectory
%    \file{contrib}.

Thanks for the upload.  I installed it as suggested replacing the
previous version in CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/lettrine

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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