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Rainer Schöpf rainer.schoepf at
Mon Aug 9 22:51:57 CEST 2004

On Sun, 8 Aug 2004, Lars Hellström wrote:

 > I have to uploaded an archive fontinst.tar.gz into /incoming.
 > It contains the new fontinst release (v1.927), and the license is as usual
 > the LPPL.
 > The main differences to the previous version are:
 >   * A bug that prevented running fontinst on eTeX has been fixed.
 >   * The manual has been revised (and is available also as PDF).
 > Short quote from the README:
 > Fontinst is a program that helps with installing fonts
 > for (La)TeX. Since it is written entirely in TeX macros,
 > it is completely portable.
 > More precisely, fontinst helps mainly with the number
 > crunching and shoveling parts of font installation. This
 > means in practice that it creates a number of files which
 > give the TeX metrics (and related information) for a font
 > family that (La)TeX needs to do any typesetting in these
 > fonts. Fontinst furthermore makes it easy to create fonts
 > containing glyphs from more than one base font, taking
 > advantage of e.g. "expert" font sets.
 > Fontinst cannot examine files to see if they contain any
 > useful information, nor automatically search for files
 > or work with binary file formats; those tasks must
 > normally be done manually or with the help of some other
 > tool, such as the pltotf and vptovf programs.

Thanks for the new version, I installed it as


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