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The following information was provided by the package's contributor.

Name of contribution: The exam document class
Author's name: Philip Hirschhorn
Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/exam
Summary description: A document class that makes it easy for even a 
  LaTeX novice to prepare exams.
License type: lppl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------
This is version 2.2 of the exam documentclass, a major extension of 
version 2.01.  Version 2.2 is fully backward compatible with version 2.01.

The exam documentclass, together with its documentation file
examdoc.tex, attempts to make it easy for even a LaTeX novice to prepare
exams.  Simple commands are provided to:

1. Create questions, parts of questions, subparts of parts, and 
subsubparts of subparts, all with optional point values.

2. Create a grading table, indexed either by question number (listing each 
question and the total possible points for that question) or by page 
number (listing each page with points and the total possible points for 
that page).

3. Create headers and footers that are each specified in three parts: 
One part to be left justified, one part to be centered, and one part to 
be right justified.

4. Headers and/or footers can be different on the first page of the exam, 
can be different on the last page of the exam, and can vary depending on 
whether the page number is odd or even, or on whether the current page 
continues a question from a previous page, or on whether the last q
uestion on the current page continues onto the following page.

5. Multiple line headers and/or footers are allowed, and it's easy to 
increase the part of the page devoted to headers and/or footers to 
allow for this.

The documentation file examdoc.tex attempts to explain all of the 
possibilities in a readable way, with many specific examples. 

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------

The main features of version 2.2 that are new since version 2.01 are:

1. Grading tables can be created automatically, formatted either 
horizontally or vertically, and indexed by either question number 
or page number.

2. Point values can be allocated in half points.

3. Headers and footers can know whether the current page continues a 
question begun on an earlier page (and, if so, the number of that 

4. Headers and footers can know whether last question on the current 
page continues onto a later page (and, if so, the number of that 

5. Point values for question, parts, subparts, or subsubparts can appear 
either in the text of the question, in the left margin, in the right 
margin on the first line of the question (or part, etc.), or in the 
right margin on the last line of the question (or part, etc.).

6. The format of the line containing the question number can be totally 

7. There are two environments for listing the possible answers to 
multiple choice questions: One lists the choices as items in a list, 
and the other lists all the choices in a single paragraph.  There is 
also a command to print an answer line for a short answer question.

8. There is an environment for printing ruled lines to be used for 

9. There is a solution environments in which one can type the solution 
to a problem and have it printed or not printed depending on a single 
command near the beginning of the file.  These environments can 
(optionally) leave either blank space or ruled lines when solutions are 
not being printed.

10. All of the labels for questions, parts, subparts, and subsubparts 
and all of the words used in grading tables can be completely 
customized, allowing for use in languages other than English.

11. There is a coverpages environment to print one or more cover pages 
numbered separately from the main pages of the exam.

12. The exam documentclass is compatible with hyperref.sty.

- - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

You can have a look at the package at
although you may get a better network connection by visiting a mirror 
of CTAN that is near to you; see 

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