CTAN update: xkeyval v1.8

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Tue Dec 14 01:55:41 CET 2004

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Hendri Adriaens submitted version 1.8 of his xkeyval

This package is an extension of the keyval package and offers additional
macros for setting keys and declaring and setting class or package
options.  The package allows the programmer to specify a prefix to the
name of the macros it defines for keys, and to define families of key
definitions; these all help use in documents where several packages define
their own sets of keys.

The license is lppl.

The location on CTAN is


Note that the official location has changed since the last update and is
not macros/generic/xkeyval anymore!

1) fixed a small bug in the treatment of
   spaces in key and family names. These
   spaces are now untouched.
2) bug in \@selective at sanitize has been
   fixed and level control has been added
3) the package is robust for catcode changes
   of = and , but characters with changed
   catcode inside key values are left untouched
   so, for instance, babel shorthand notation
   with the `=' character is possible, if it
   is inside a group in the key value.
4) simplified some internal macros.

Thanks for the upload.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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