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Thu Dec 16 10:57:09 CET 2004

Javier Bezos writes:

> I've uploaded to the UK server the file Mem.zip,
> which contains the experimental code I'm writing for
> a multiligual system for Lamed (ie, LaTeX + Aleph).
> This is still a pre-alpha release, which is being
> developed as open source on SourceForge:
> http://mem-latex.sourceforge.net
> It still consists in a somewhat unorganized set of
> files whose final form is not clear yet. I intend to
> release periodically on CTAN some milestones in its
> development.
> I'm not sure where the files must be placed in the
> CTAN tree, particularly given its highly experimental
> status. Maybe systems/aleph/contrib/mem?

after some discussion with javier, i've installed the package in
macros/latex/exptl/mem -- a location that emphasises both its
experimental status and its links with latex.

thanks, javier, for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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