CTAN package revision: tensor

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Wed Dec 22 12:42:19 CET 2004

Philip G. Ratcliffe writes:

> I've just uploaded to ftp.tex.ac.uk a slightly improved version of the
> "tensor" package: a small problem in conjunction with the "color" package
> has been eliminated and I've added a some minor extra capabilities.  All
> covered in the updated documentation.

i have updated the version in macros/latex/contrib/tensor

thanks for the upload.

> One small point: the original package by Mike Piff should possibly be
> (re)moved since it actually takes precedence in the TDS.  Note that the new
> package is perfectly backward compatible.

distribution managers should note this.  for my part, i've simply
moved mike's original to the ctan obsolete/ tree

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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