CTAN submission -- jurabib package v0.6

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Tue Feb 3 14:02:28 CET 2004

A few days ago, I installed a new version of Jens Berger's jurabib
package in CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/jurabib.  Jens added this
text for the announcement of this package:

----- Begin forwarded message -----
Here is a list of the most important changes:

   o  IMPORTANT: The order of optional arguments has changed!
          `natoptargorder' option removed, natbib order of optional
	  arguments is now NEW DEFAULT! There is a compatibility
	  option `jurabiborder' for old documents.
   o  jox.bst is part of jurabib.dtx.
   o  Indexing code completely rewritten (contributed by Stefan Ulrich).
   o  Danish language support added (contributed by Mads Munch Hansen).
   o  Finnish language support added (contributed by Harri Kiiskinen).
   o  Portuguese language support (contributed by Eva and Miguel Costa).
   o  new option `silent', replaces \jbsilent.
   o  new option `dotafter=bibentry' replaces \jbdotafterbibentry.
   o  new option `dotafter=endnote' replaces \jbdotafterendnote.
   o  new option `lookforgender', replaces \jblookforgender.
   o  new option `annotatorlastsep', replaces `colastsep' option.
   o  new option `annotatorfirstsep', replaces `cofirstsep' option.
   o  new option `annotatorformat', replaces `coauthorformat' options.
   o  new option `super' transforms \cite commands to footnotes,
           suggested by Frank Mittelbach.
   o  new option `config=<configfile without extension>', allows to
           switch between configfiles, suggested by Frank Mittelbach.
   o  new command \lookatfortype, allows to determine a list of entry
           types for which the lookat feature should be used
           (suggested by David Feest).
   o  \footcitetitleonly introduced, suggested by Frank Mittelbach.
   o  New commands to tune indexing introduced:
           \jbdonotindexeditors (suppress editor-indexing).
           \jbdonotindexauthors (suppress author-indexing).
           \jbdonotindexorganizations (suppress org-indexing).
           \jbindexonlyfirstauthors (to index authors only at first
           \jbindexolyfirsteditors (to index editors only at first
           \jbindexolyfirstorganizations (to index organizations only
             at first appearence).
           Known Problem: Authors with special characters (umlauts etc.)
           aren't sorted properly (makeindex-problem).
    o  loading of config files rewritten. The loading is now as follows:
           1. \usepackage option overwrites values given by config
           2. option placed in \jurabibsetup (in the preamble)
              overwrites values given by \usepackage.
           3. last \jurabibsetup overwrites values of preceding
    o  Some hooks for multibib.sty compatibility implemented, testfiles
           added for multibib compatibility (jbtestmb.tex) and for
           bibunits compatibility (jbtestbu.tex), thanks to
           Thorsten Hansen for adapting his packages.
    'multiple'-functionality removed! To have the same feature you
           have to load footmisc.sty with option 'multiple' now,
           suggested by Frank Mittelbach.
    o  \jbindexbib works correctly again.
    o  added some alternative babel main language values, initially
           suggested by Harri Kiiskinen.
    o  Hook for memoir.cls bibliography added, suggested by
           Robert Schlicht (requires mempatch.sty!).
    o  small bugfix for loaded hyperref and tabularx packages
           (hyperref turns off hyperfootnotes internally),
	       bug reported by Maarten Wisse.
    o  bugfix for @manual function, did not recognize organization as
           fallback for missing author, reported by Frank Mittelbach.
    o  new integer 'extra.extra.num', new function 'make.extra.label'
           and some modifications on 'forward.pass' (suggested by
           Robert Schlicht in d.c.t.t.)

Many Thanks

Jens Berger

----- End forwarded message -----

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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