CTAN submission: beamer 2.00 and pgf 0.60

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Thu Feb 19 09:42:58 CET 2004

----- Forwarded message from Till Tantau -----
I have put version 2.00 of the beamer package (macros/latex/contrib/beamer) on 
fpt://dante.ctan.org/incoming/latex-beamer-2.00.tar.gz and version 0.60 of 
pgf (graphics/pgf) on fpt://dante.ctan.org/incoming/pgf-0.60.tar.gz.


beamer version 2.00

	- Added placement options to columns and column commands.
	- Added \column command.
	- Added label option to frames.
	- Added \againframe command for showing a frame again later on
	  (very useful!). 
	- Added \includeonlyframe command for typesetting only specific
	- Added \AtBeginSection, \AtBeginSubsection, and \AtBeginPart
	  commands (very useful!).
	- Added \visible command (opposite of \invisible).
	- Added verse, quotation, and quote environments.
	- Added abstract environment (not very useful in my opinion).
	- Added colored option to \defverbatim for use with lstlisting.
	- Added grid density option to grid background.
	- Added professionalfont option.
	- Added automatic support of serif math minion fonts.
	- Added option to \pause command to pause only from a specific
	  slide on. 
	- Added \unpause to stop the last \pause.
	- Includes enumerate.sty by default and allows one to use its
	  functionality in beamer.
	- Added dark and tab options to beamerthemesidebar. Other sidebar
	  themes no longer needed.
	- Made \note work also inside frames.
	- Added templates for notes.
	- Added notes=onlyframeswithnotes option for generating only
	  frames that contain a note.
	- Added options to all \insertshortxxx commands.
	- Added option for passing arguments to color, xcolor, pgf, and
	- Added \action and actionenv environments.
	- Added the concept of actions to overlay specifications. For example,
	  \item<alert at 2> will alert the item on the second slide and
	  \item<2-| alert at 2> will furthermore have the item covered before
	- Added <> option to \newcommand and \newenvironment to make the
	  defined commands overlay-specification aware.
	- \only and \alt will now also accept an overlay specification
	  "at the end".
	- Block environments now accept overlay specification also before
	  the argument.
	- Added \mode command
	- Added beamerbasearticle.sty -> makes nearly all beamer commands
	  available in article mode in a sensible way.
	- Added mode specifications to \section and \subsection commands
	  (useful for the article version).
	- Started adding some templates for rendering frames in article mode.
	- Added \lecture command and \includeonlylecture (useful for
	  lecture notes).  
	- Added a containsverbatim option to the \frame command. Should be
	  used instead of the old \frame<all:1> (which is, however, still
	- Made \includegraphics, \pgfimage, and \pgfuseimage
	  overlay-specification-aware. (useful for pseudo-animations)
	- Every frame is now put into a box internally. Slides will never
	  be split over two pages.
	- \pause commands now transcends blocks (very useful, but not
	- Balls are now also used for enumerations, not just for itemize
	  in shadow theme. Use \beamertemplateenumeratealpha to get old
	- Changed syntax of alert and structure templates.
	- Reworked internals of overlay management. Should produce
	  slightly shorter files.
	- Changed file names of .jpg and .png images to start with "beamer-"
	  to avoid name clashes.
	- Renamed \original to \beameroriginal because of clash with
	  lucidia font styles.
	- "Streamlined" themes to use the same basic templates.
	- \noteitems replaced by \note[enumerate].
	- \nameslide command is now obsolete. Use the label= option
	- Removed notesonly option. Use notes=only.
	- Themes beamerthemesidebartab, beamerthemesidebardark, and
	  beamerthemesidebardarktab are now obsolete. Use
	  beamerthesesidebar will appropriate options instead.
	- Theme beamerthemetreebars obsolete. Use beamerthemetree with
          option bars instead.
	- Removed compressnotes option. Use \beamertemplatenotecompress
	- Removed pauses environment (no longer needed).
	- Improved pgf makes \pgfonly superfluous. Use \only instead.
	- Removed reproducable .pdf example files from repository for
	  faster cvs checkout/checkin.
	- Removed \invisibleon command (was superfluous anyway).
	- Removed \mixinon command (was not very useful and clashes with
	  new \pause command; use \opaqueness instead).
	- Removed \newoverlaycommand and \renewoverlaycommand. Can be
	  better implemented using \newcommand<>.
	- Removed \article, \presentation, and \common commands (still
	  quietly tolerated). Should be replaced by \mode<article>,
	  \mode<presentation>, and \mode<all>. 
	- Removed beamer/lyx/doc. Documentation is now incorporated in
	  the main user's guide.
	- Added a big example file beamerlyxexample1.lyx.
	- Changed \tableofcontents command so that options can be
	  given in LyX. 
	- Changed \frame command in LyX so that options can be given. 
	- Added overprint and overlayarea environments.
	- Added \againframe command.
	- Changed beamer.layout to use new command \column. Old environment
 	  no longer supported in lyx.
	- A new frame and a section or subsection will automatically close
	  the previous frame. EndFrame is only needed before the end of
	  the document, before the appendix, and before "out-of-frame"
	- Added TitleGraphic command.
	- Documented the LyX interface in beameruserguide.pdf.
	- Fixed bugs with "jumping" blocks in overlays.
	- Fixed bug with tabbing in beamerbaseboxes.
	- Added work-around for problem with black background in older
	  versions of acroread.
	- Fixed problems with linebreak in short title and short author
	  in sidebar themes. 

pgf version 0.60:

	- Replaced some commands for the postscript code by shorter
	  versions for smaller file size.
	- Fixed bug in pgfbox command that caused incorrect kerning in
	  postscript output.
	- Fixed bug in pgfsys at defineimage that made page inclusion
	- Fixed bug in pgfshading that did not reset dash patterns in
	  shadings in the PostScript version. 
	- Spaces are now allowed inside the pgfpicture environment.
	- Added \pgfgrid command.
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the upload.  I installed both packages as suggested replacing the
previous versions at CTAN:graphics/pgf and CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/beamer

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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