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Rainer Schöpf rainer.schoepf at proteosys.com
Sun Jan 11 21:22:45 CET 2004

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Martti Nikunen wrote:

 > I have uploaded the file esint.zip the incoming directory of
 > ftp.dante.de. It contains the font esint10 by Eddie Saudrais in PostScript
 > Type1 format and the corresponding map file.
 > I think the files could be put to directory CTAN/fonts/ps-type1/esint.
 > Licensing terms: pd
 > [...]
 > Here is the README file from the package
 > %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
 > Eddie Saudrais's font esint10 in Adobe PostScript Type 1 format
 > by Martti Nikunen (martti.nikunen at helsinki.fi).
 > This PostScript Type 1 implementation of the font esint10, originally
 > created by Eddie Saudrais using METAFONT, is freely available for general
 > use.
 > The conversion was done with the free mftrace program
 > (http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanwen/mftrace/).
 > This distribution does not contain the TFM files that are necessary to
 > use the fonts with TeX; the TFM files can be generated from the Metafont
 > sources obtained by following the instructions in
 > CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/esint.
 > The fragment for the dvips mapfile is simply
 > esint10  esint10  <esint10.pfb
 > and the line in updmap.cfg for teTeX should be
 > MixedMap esint.map
 > %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Thanks for your upload, I installed the files in directory


For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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