CTAN submission -- 3DLDF 1.1.5 Release

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Fri Jan 16 13:58:57 CET 2004

I installed the current version of 3DLDF in CTAN:graphics/3DLDF/
These are the Release Notes:

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Release of 3DLDF 1.1.5.

3DLDF is a GNU package for three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost

It is available from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/3dldf and other ftp
Please see the author's website,




for more information.

In release 1.1.5, I've tied up some loose ends.  I wanted to do this
before starting on the input routine.

* Added `const real step' argument to the version of
  Ellipse::intersection_points() that takes an Ellipse

* BUG FIX:  Added `touch 3DLDFmp.mp' to the `3DLDFmp.mp' target in
  3DLDF-1.1.5/CWEB/Makefile.am.  This ensures that
  TeX and dvips will be run if MetaPost is run on `3DLDFmp.mp'.  This happens if
  `3DLDFput.mp' is newer than `3DLDFmp.mp', but the latter isn't
  changed, so TeX and dvips
  weren't being run.  I'm surprized nobody's complained about this.
  Not yet documented in the _3DLDF User and Reference Manual_.

* Added `PHONY' targets as synonyms for certain targets:
  `cpl' for `3dldf'.  For compiling and linking `3dldf'.
  `mp' for `3DLDFmp.mp'.  For running MetaPost on `3DLDFmp.mp'.
  `ldf' for `3DLDFput.mp'. For running `3dldf'.
  Not yet documented in the _3DLDF User and Reference Manual_.

* It is now possible to ``typedef'' `real' to either `float'
  or `double'.  This means that `real' can now be made a synonym
  for either `float' or `double' by using a `typedef'
  declaration.  `real' is typedeffed to `float' by default.

* Added `const bool ldf_real_float' and
  `extern const bool ldf_real_double'
  for use in non-conditionally compiled code.
  They are set according to the values

* `Transform::epsilon()' and `Point::epsilon()' now return
  different values, depending on the values of the preprocessor macros
  `LDF_REAL_FLOAT' and `LDF_REAL_DOUBLE'.  I have not yet tested
  whether good values are returned when `real' is `double'.

* `MAX_REAL' and `MAX_REAL_SQRT' are no longer constants.
  Their values are set at the beginning of `main()'.  However,
  users should not change their values.  `MAX_REAL' is the
  second-largest `float' or `double' on a given machine.  This
  now works for all common architectures.

* Added `namespace System' containing the following functions:
  `get_endianness()', `is_big_endian()',
  `is_little_endian()', `get_register_width()',
  `is_32_bit()', `is_64_bit()', and the template function

  `namespace System' and its functions are documented in
  `system.texi', which is new in edition 1.1.5 of the
  _3DLDF User and Reference Manual_.

* Replaced the various `create_new_<type>()' functions with the
  template function `create_new()'.  The latter is documented in
 `creatnew.texi', which is new in edition 1.1.5 of the
  _3DLDF User and Reference Manual_.

* Added the file `3DLDF-1.1.5/CWEB/cnepspng.el' to
  the distribution.  It contains the definitions of the Emacs-Lisp
  functions `convert-eps' and `convert-eps-loop'.

* Added the files
  3DLDF-1.1.5/CWEB/exampman.web and
  3DLDF-1.1.5/CWEB/examples.mp to the
  distribution.  They contain the C++ and MetaPost code,
  respectively, for generating the illustrations in the
  _3DLDF User and Reference Manual_.

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Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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