Upload of versions 1.20 of beamer and 0.50 of pgf

Rainer Schöpf rainer.schoepf at proteosys.com
Sun Jan 18 18:51:50 CET 2004

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Till Tantau uploaded new versions of his beamer and
pgf packages.

I installed them in




respectively. Thanks for the updates.

Changelog is appended.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

 > Version 1.20 of beamer:
 > - Reorganzed directory structure: new directories base and themes
 > - Added some explanations in user guide on font encodings and
 >   graphic file formats.
 > - T1 encoding is fully supported now.
 > - lmodern and fourier fonts are supported now.
 > - \mathrm will always produce roman text now.
 > - \mathbf will produced boldface serif or sans-serif text,
 >   depending on the math font selection.
 > - Added options to include only certain sections in the table of
 >   contents.
 > - Added option to hilight only the current subsection in the table
 >   of contents.
 > - Added inserts for numbering sections in the table of contents.
 > - Added predefined templates for more fancyful table of contents.
 > - Shadow theme now uses a numbered table of contents by
 >   default. Use \beamertemplateplaintoc to get the old behaviour.
 > - Changed the syntax of \frame. Overlay specification must now be
 >   given in pointed brackets. (Old syntax is quietly tolerated.)
 > - Command \plainframe has been replaced by \frame[plain]. (Old
 >   syntax is quietly tolerated.)
 > - Renamed beamerboxes to beamerbaseboxes and beamertemplates to
 >   beamerbasetemplate. They are included automatically, so simply
 >   delete an inclusion of the old packages).
 > - Fixed bug in beamerbaseboxes.
 > - Uncover now also works for whole lines or passages in tables and
 >   alignments, both for completely invisible covered and
 >   transparent covered text.
 > - Item balls/icons now change color inside beamerboxes according
 >   to the color scheme.
 > - Added versioning system for head and toc entries. Will no longer
 >   do weird things when left over files from an old version are
 >   encountered. (Makes updating a lot easier.)
 > - Slightly changed LyX stuff to work together with the syntax
 >   changes. Still no real documentation.
 > - Uses version 1.06 of xcolor now.
 > - Uses pgf 0.50 now.
 > - Mechanism for alternate selection of images and shading is
 >   slightly changed and incompatible with the old one.
 > - pgf's cvs is now also on SourceForge next to the beamer class.
 > Version 0.50 of pgf:
 > - Switched to version 1.06 of xcolor.
 > - Core pgf no longer relies on xxcolor.
 > - The syntax of the mechanism for choosing alternate images and
 >   shadings is more flexible now. The syntax has been changed
 >   (mainly, you now have to have a dot between the original name and
 >   the alternate extension).
 > - Some xxcolor commands have been removed.

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