CTAN upload notification: The caption package 3.0a

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Fri Jan 30 14:00:43 CET 2004

----- Forwarded message from Axel Sommerfeldt -----
Name of contribution: The caption package 3.0a
Uploaded to: ftp.dante.de/incoming/caption
Suggested location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/caption
  (Please delete all the old files in this directory)
Summary description: Customising captions in floating environments
License type: lppl

The caption package provides many ways to customise the captions
in floating environments like figure and table and cooperates with
many other packages.


- New option "tableposition=" for use inside \usepackage as 
abbreviation of \captionsetup[table]{position=...}

- Bugfix: spaces are allowed between 2nd and 3rd argument of 
\DeclareCaptionXXX and between the optional and the mandatory 
argument of \captionsetup.

- Bugfix: \newfloat + \restylefloat* gives correct float names in caption

- Bugfix: \captionof after \restylefloat* gives correct caption layout

- Improvement: after \newfloat or \restylefloat the right position of 
the caption is reported to the subfig package

- Bugfix: \caption* now works with the KOMA-Script classes, too.

- Improvement: \@makecaption is supported now.

- Bugfix in \DeclareCaptionFont: brackets where missing so it used to 
work only with one-token-definitions.

- Bugfix in supertabular support: A \par was missing at the beginning 
of \ST at caption.
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the upload.  I installed it as suggested replacing the old
version in CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/caption

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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