CTAN upload notification: xcolor 2.00 (addendum)

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Mon Jul 5 10:09:22 CEST 2004

Uwe Kern asked me to add the list of changes to the xcolor 2.0
accouncement of a few minutes ago.

2004/07/04 v2.00
* New features:
    - extended functionality for color expressions: mix colors like a
    - support for color blending: specify color mix expressions that
      are being blended with every displayed color;
    - \xglobal command for selective control of globality for color
      definitions, blends, and masks;
    - multiple step operations (e.g. \color{foo!!+++}) and access to
      individual members (e.g. \color{foo!![7]}) in color series;
    - \providecolor command to define only non-existent colors;
    - \definecolorset and \providecolorset commands to facilitate the
      construction of color sets with common underlying color model;
    - additional 147 predefined color names according to SVG 1.1
    - `xpdfborder' key for setting the width of hyperlink borders in a
      more driver-independent way if `dvips' is used.
* Changes:
    - `color' package now completely integrated within `xcolor';
    - `override', `usenames', `nodvipsnames' options and \xdefinecolor
      command no longer needed;
    - `dvips' and `dvipsnames' options now independent of each other;
    - \tracingcolors's behaviour changed to make it more versatile and
      reduce log file size in standard cases;
    - \rdivide's syntax made more flexible (divide by numbers and/or
    - code restructured, some internal commands renamed;
    - documentation rearranged and enhanced.
* Bugfixes:
    - \definecolor{foo}{named}{bar} did not work (error introduced in
    - more robust behaviour of conditionals within `pstricks'

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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