version 3.12 of uk faq on ctan and web

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Thu Jul 15 15:57:04 CEST 2004

i have just released version 3.12 of the faq; this is only a little
more than a month later than i had originally intended.

as usual the (limping) dynamic faq is available from, while sources, .pdf and other formats, and a
static html version of the faq are available from ctan help/uk-tex-faq

the change file for this version is appended

Robin Fairbairns

For the FAQ and CTAN teams



Changes in version 3.12

Acquiring the software
  Replace three "finding things" answers with a single "Finding
  (La)TeX files", which covers the ground of the old questions, but
  with a more nearly up-to-date emphasis.  This area needs more
  attention; "hints on regular expressions" from the old set is no
  more -- which probably doesn't matter (much) since almost no-one
  uses "quote site index" any longer.

Systems, etc.
  Expunge mention of the (defunct) 4allTeX CD-ROM under "editors and
  shells" (it had long since gone from CD-ROM answer).
  Mention the MikTeX CD from the CD-ROM answer.
  Tidied the answer about systems for macintoshes

  Clarification of answer label mathsize (following c.t.t. thread)

Document structure (and similar places):
  Corrected stupid error in the example in Q-alreadydef

Installing (La)TeX files:
  Whole section moved up to before "Fonts" in the FAQ (rationalisation)

  further explanation in Q-protect

New or revised packages (or just ones never before mentioned):
  MimeTeX mentioned (along with TechExplorer) in label mathml
  europecv mentioned in label cv
  highlight reference upgraded (because I now understand it better)
  chapterfolder mentioned in label docotherdir

  Web version now copes with tables (in a pretty simplistic way)

New answers:
subsection{Common errors}:
  label zerochap: "Why is my section numbering 0.1...?"
subsection{Common misunderstandings}:
  label tocloftwrong: "Numbers too large in table of contents, etc." (providing
    a link from the problem to the solution in answer label tocloft)
subsection{Creating bibliographies}:
  label buildbib: "Creating a BibTeX bibliography file"
subsection{Creating citations}:
  label usebibtex: "'Normal' use of BibTeX from LaTeX"
  label compactbib: "Reducing spacing in the bibliography"
  label bibtocorder: "Table of contents rearranges 'unsrt' ordering"
subsection{Generic macros and techniques}
  label ifpdf: "Am I using PDFTeX?"
section{The joy of TeX errors}:
  label altabcr: "Alignment tab changed to \cr"
  label manymathalph: "Too many math alphabets"
  label normalszmiss: "\normalsize not defined"
  label missbegdoc: "Missing \begin{document}"
  label divzero: "Graphics division by zero"
section{Current TeX-related projects}:
  label extex: outline description of the ExTeX project
  label xetex: outline description of the XeTeX project
  label hyphexcept: use of, and pitfalls of, hyphenation exceptions
subsection{Page layout}:
  label outszwrng: the infamous "stupid acrobat reader" answer
subsection{LaTeX programming}:
  label ltxabbrv: latex "abbreviations" and (some of) their meanings
subsection{Alternative document classes}: 
  label slidecls: a set of hints on presentations

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