acronym-1.13 uploaded

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Thu Jul 29 21:55:10 CEST 2004

Tobias Oetiker writes:

> I have uploaded acronym-1.13 to
> If you think it is appropriate, announce it please.

i renamed "readme" to  "README" for the benefit of the web server, but
otherwise i've installed exactly what you uploaded in

thanks for the upload.

i think the changes are enough to justify advertisement to the world
at large:

> Recent Changes:
> ---------------------------------------------------
> Version 1.13 (July 2004): deflist renamed to AC at deflist to
> avoid unnecessary nameing conflict.
> --  Peter May <peter.may at>
> Version 1.13 (July 2004): printonlyused was not working anymore
> --  Tobi Oetiker <oetiker at>
> Version 1.13 (July 2004): if the footnote option was on, footnotes were
> printed for ALL acronyms ALL the time, this looked rather odd if the same
> acronym was used more than once on the same page. Changed it so that
> footnote printing follows the same rules as normal acronym printing (only
> print footnote first time). One might think about changeing this, so that
> either footnotes get printed 'once' per page. Or that the footnote marks are
> issued once per acronym and page, so that all instances of the same acronym
> on a page get the same footnote mark. Feel free to contribute patches.
> --  Tobi Oetiker <oetiker at>
> Version 1.12 (June 2004): Make acronyms robust and compatible
> with pdf bookmarks.
> --  Danie Els <dnjels at>

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