CTAN upload -- cmap package update

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jun 16 15:27:46 CEST 2004

Vladimir Volovich writes:

> I've uploaded the file cmap.sty to the incoming directory of
> ftp.tex.ac.uk
> Please put this file to CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/cmap/cmap.sty
> replacing the old file.
> License remains LPPL.
> This update allows to use the cmap package with Werner Lemberg's CJK
> package, and the change was sent to me by Werner Lemberg.
> The cmap package is intended to make the PDF files generated by
> pdflatex "searchable and copyable" in acrobat reader and other
> compliant PDF viewers. Just include the \usepackage{cmap} at the
> beginning of your preamble, and it will pre-load the needed CMap
> translations for the fonts used in the document. It works for Type 1
> fonts, and also for Type 3 fonts with recent versions of pdftex.  The
> main limitation currently is inability to work with virtual fonts, and
> this is because of limitation of pdftex, and may be resolved in a
> future versions of pdftex.

i've installed the files as requested: thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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