Version 3.11 of the UK TeX FAQ

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Mon Mar 15 15:48:45 CET 2004

i have just installed on ctan (help/uk-tex-faq) and the web
( a new version of the faq i maintain.

the new distribution on ctan includes a file CHANGES-3.11 which lists
what i've changed.  apart from significant changes to the macro coding
of faq source and of the conversion to html for the web version,
highlights include: 17 new answers, extension of several "documentation
and help" answers; thorough scan of answers for places where either or
both of the koma-script bundle and the memoir class can help; many
changes to reflect upgrades of several packages, or packages that
weren't previously mentioned.  and of course, several errors are

please report any errors of fact, or of representation, to faq at

please do _not_ bother to ask questions on that address.  if you're
reading this message on comp.text.tex or texhax, you *already* *know*
where to ask questions.

the future of the faq may potentially include significant improvements
in its delivery.  there is, sadly, little chance that i can improve the
searching mechanisms without external help (all pleas for such help have
proved fruitless): i don't have the spare time to make myself an expert
in such things.

Robin Fairbairns

UK TeX FAQ maintainer
and for the CTAN team

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