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Rainer Schöpf rainer.schoepf at proteosys.com
Mon Nov 22 11:20:26 CET 2004

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Harald Harders wrote:

 > I have uploaded isodate-v2_23.tar.gz to ftp.dante.de. It contains the new
 > version of isodate. License stays LPPL.
 > >From the README:
 > Tune the output format of dates.
 > This package provides ten output formats of the
 > commands \today, \printdate, \printdateTeX, and \daterange
 > (partly language dependent):
 > ISO (yyyy-mm-dd),
 > numeric (e.g. dd.\,mm.~yyyy),
 > short (e.g. dd.\,mm.\,yy),
 > TeX (yyyy/mm/dd),
 > original (e.g. dd. mmm yyyy),
 > short original (e.g. dd. mmm yy),
 > as well as numerical formats with Roman numerals for the month.
 > The commands \printdate and \printdateTeX print any date.
 > The date is given as an argument using the actual date format for output:
 > \printdate{yyyy-mm-dd}, \printdate{dd.mm.yyyy}, or \printdate{dd/mm/yyyy},
 > and \printdateTeX{yyyy/mm/dd}.
 > The command \daterange prints a date range and leaves out unnecessary
 > year or month entries.
 > E.g. 2000-05-03 to 2000-05-08 leads to `2000-05-03 to 08'.
 > This package supports Danish, English (UK, US, Australian, New Zealand),
 > French, German (old and new orthography, Austrian), Norwegian (by Svend
 > Tollak Munkejord), and Swedish (by Christian Schlauer).
 > The new version avoids to use the calc package which causes many problems
 > with many other packages.

Thanks for the update, I installed it in 


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