CTAN upload notification: mimeTeX version 1.50

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Oct 2 14:13:03 CEST 2004

John Forkosh writes:

>     I've uploaded ftp.tex.ac.uk/incoming/mimetex.zip
>     containing mimetex version 1.50
>       As per your README.uploads instructions...
>       + what you've uploaded
>           mimetex.zip
>           (to replace support/mimetex/mimetex.zip)
>       + which CTAN node you've uploaded to
>           ftp.tex.ac.uk
>       + where you want the files to go
>           support/mimetex
>              (Please replace both existing files
>                  mimetex.zip  and  README
>               in support/mimetex, i.e.,
>                  unzip mimetex.zip README
>               and then place this separate copy of README
>               "alongside" mimetex.zip in the support/mimetex
>               directory.  Thanks.)
>       + what licensing conditions you apply to your software
>           GNU GPL
>       + brief summary of what your upload is intended to do.
>           Various new features and fixes since the last point
>           release, and updated documentation.
>         ----------------------------------------------------
>         From the original submission...
>           MimeTeX, licensed under the gpl, lets you easily embed
>           LaTeX math in your html pages.  It parses a LaTeX math
>           expression and immediately emits the corresponding gif
>           image, rather than the usual TeX dvi.
>                And mimeTeX is an entirely separate little program
>           that doesn't use TeX or its fonts in any way.  It's just
>           one cgi that you put in your site's cgi-bin/ directory,
>           with no other dependencies.  So mimeTeX is very easy to
>           install.  And it's equally easy to use.  Just place an
>           html <img> tag in your document wherever you want to see
>           the corresponding LaTeX expression.  For example,
>            <img src="../cgi-bin/mimetex.cgi?f(x)=\int_{-\infty}^xe^{-t^2}dt"
>             border=0 align=absmiddle>
>           generates and displays the corresponding gif image
>           on-the-fly, wherever you put that <img> tag.  MimeTeX
>           doesn't need intermediate dvi-to-gif conversion, and it
>           doesn't clutter your filesystem with separate little gif
>           files for each converted expression.  (Optional image
>           caching does store gif files, and subsequently reads them
>           as needed, rather than re-rendering the same images every
>           time a page is reloaded.)
>                See      http://www.forkosh.com/mimetex.html
>           for examples illustrating mimeTeX's features and usage.

i've installed the upload as requested -- thanks for it.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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