CTAN submission -- Beamer version 3.00, pgf version 0.64

Reinhard Zierke zierke at dante.de
Mon Oct 11 12:45:39 CEST 2004

----- Forwarded message from Till Tantau -----
I have put new versions of beamer and pgf on ftp.dante.de:/incoming.


This is version 3.00 of beamer, a class for creating presentations using 
latex. To use it, you also need 

- pgf version >=0.63,
- xcolor version >=2.00

To install the class follow the instructions in doc/beameruserguide.pdf.

This is a major update of beamer, containing many changes, most having to do 
with a new theme management. Old presentations should still compile without 
errors, but some slight color and spacing changes may occur, however.

The update from pgf 0.63 to 0.64 is just a minor bugfix and not needed to use 
the new beamer version.

Here are the changelogs:

Beamer version 3.00:
	- Completely new theme management.
	- Lot's of new variations of themes.
	- Font/element/layout/color themes are orthogonal and can be
	  freely combined. 
	- Old themes obsolete, but supported for compatibility.
	- Original default theme is now in
	  "beamerthemecompatibility.sty". New default is more minimalistic.

	+ Presentation themes:
	- There are now 24 ready-to-use presentation themes. 
	- Manuel Carro has send me a theme that I slightly adapted and
	  added as the Madrid theme.

	+ Layout and element Themes:
	- There are 9 different layouts themes, including three new ones
	  that were not available in the previous version.
	- There are 4 different element themes (which dictate things like
	  how items are typeset).

	+ Color themes:
	- There are 10 color themes, including a yellow-on-blue theme.
	- The seahorse and rose theme allow you to change the colors of
	  headlines and footlines easily to much less "aggressive"
	- You can now dictate the color of every minute detail of a
	  presentation individually, (including math!).

	+ Font themes:
	- 6 font themes. Change the fonts of titles to, say, small caps
	  just by using the smallcaps theme; no need to meddle with
	- Just like colors, you can individually change all fonts in
	  minute detail without touching any templates.

	- Split documentation into multiple files.
	- Reorganized and reworked large parts of the documention.
	- Added a small tutorial to help new users.
	- Extracted all "guidelines" and "recommendations" and put them in
	  a "guidelines" section. Also added lots of guidelines on fonts.
	- Added an index (though it's pretty poor, still).

	- Added a solutions directory.
	  It contains ready-to-use solutions for common problems (like
	  a template for a conference talk).
	- Help appreciated (see the documentation).

	- Added frame environment (finally!).
	- Added the dot notation to overlay specifications. If a dot is
	  used instead of a plus, the beamerpauses counter is not
	- Added xmpmulti.sty. Very useful for including Multi Metapost
	- Added some functionality to \onslide to get it more in sync with
	- Made \beamerdefaultoverlayspecification work also outside
	- Added new version of beamer.el by Thomas Baumann.
	- \footnote now takes an overlay specification.
	- Added beamercolorbox environment.
	- Characters like : may now be active (nice for french
	  style). Only exceptions are < and >.
	- Added a note on how to use msc.sty with beamer.
	- TOCs in sidebar will now do line breaking (finally!).
	- Powerful object-oriented new font management.
	- Powerful object-oriented new color management.
	- \tableofcontents now has more options for showing/not showing
	- Same is true for the toc in sidebars.
	- Added \keywords command (like \subject).
	- Added a patch to make beamer work together with musixtex. \pause
	  will be redeclared inside music environments.
	- Added \insert's for inserting the start and end pages of the
	  current frame, subsection, section, part, presentation, appendix.

	- Reordered directories.
	- beamerboxesrounded now works differently. color schemes no
	  longer needed.
	- Option class=xxxx onsolete. Use document class xxxx directly
	  instead and load new style beamerarticle.
	- Cleaned up lot's of internals.
	- Slight changes to vertical spacing.
	- slidestop is now called "t" and slidescentered is called "c".
	- \beamersetleftmargin and \beamersetrightmargin obsolete. Use
	  \setbeamersize instead.
	- Old themes are now mapped to new internal mechanisms. Slight
	  color and vertical spacing changes may occur.
	- Fixed incompatibility with czech.sty.
	- Fixed some spacing problems with \label.
	- Fixed bug that could cause endless loop if more than two pages
	  resulted from an allowframebreaks.
	- Fixed bug that caused incorrect counter resets in conjunction
	  with allowframebreaks.
	- Fixed bug that caused footnotes of suppressed frames to spill
	  over to the next frame.
	- Fixed bug with \AtBeginSection + \lecture + \mode*
	- Fixed \label bug in article mode in conjunction with amstex
	- Fixed spacing problems when \pause is used in equations
	- Fixed spacing problem with slides that start with an itemize.
	- Fixed color problem in itemize in conjunction with evil use of
	- Fixed failure of action environment in handout and trans modes.
	- Fixed bug with shrink + t options.
	- Fixed lot's of other small things.
	- Fixed problem with displayed math formulas are message "improper
	- Fixed wrong positioning of mini frames on notes pages.
	- Fixed bugs in outer theme miniframes.
	- Fixed foreground coloring problem in beamerboxesrounded.
	- Fixed \alert in article mode problem.
	- Fixed \temporal problem.
	- Fixed vertical mode after \item problem.
	- Applied patch with typo fixed submitted by Ohura Makoto.
	- Fixed warnings concerning it/sl substitution for cmss.
	- Renamed "ternary" to "tertiary" and "fourth" to
	- Changed parent of color "frametitle" to "titlelike".
	- Fixed problem with \note in lectures that are excluded.

pgf version 0.64:
	- Fixed missing depth of \pgfnodebox.
	- Fixed bug that caused infinite stack loop with pictures inside
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Thanks for the uploads.  I installed them as suggested replacing the old
versions in CTAN:graphics/pgf/ and CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/beamer/

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

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