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Sat Apr 16 21:23:44 CEST 2005

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Harald Harders submitted an update of the

  bgteubner document class

to CTAN.

License: LPPL with an extra text
Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/bgteubner/

 > >From the README:
 > I have programmed the "bgteubner.cls" document class by order of the
 > Teubner Verlag, Wiesbaden, Germany. This has been done to ensure that
 > books of this publisher have a unique layout. The publisher has
 > allowed me to distribute the document class with auxilliary files
 > and documentation freely. Unfortunately, most of the documentation
 > is only available in German.
 > Since the document class is intended to generate a unique layout, many
 > things (layout etc.) are fixed and cannot be altered by the user.
 > If you want to use the document class for another purpose than publishing
 > with the Teubner Verlag, this may arrise unwanted restrictions
 > (For instance, the document class provides only two paper sizes:
 > DIN A-5 and 17cm x 24cm; only two font families are supported:
 > Times and European Computer Modern).
 > The document class needs some additional packages, partly relatively
 > new ones, partly packages that are not installed on most TeX
 > installations. A list of needed packages is contained in usefiles.txt.
 > ChangeLog:
 > 2005/04/16 v1.35  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Allow to number \paragraph and \subparagraph.
 > 2005/01/07 v1.34  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Remove wasysym integrals before amsmath is loaded.
 > 2004/11/19 v1.33  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Avoid to use the calc package since it causes problems with many
 >   other packages.
 > 2004/08/19 v1.32  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Move \ifhhcls at times outside definition of \appendixmore.
 > - Remove \rmfamily from pagehead since \normalfont does that already.
 > 2004/05/09 v1.31  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Minor buxfix for titlepage.
 > - Do not compile cdcover if cd-cover.sty is not available.
 > - Fix documentation of \pdfoutput=0.
 > 2004/04/09 v1.30  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Set PDF information only if PDF is produced.
 > - Write info file containing the same information as the PDF-info entries.
 > - Ignore class option `epsfigures'.
 > - Enable usage of \includegraphics with DVI output.
 > - Print error message when using ordinary latex (Use pdflatex with
 >   \pdfoutput=0 for producing DVI).
 > - Redefine quotation marks to allow math mode and kerning.
 > - Use bold instead of bold extended with Times.
 > - Error rather than a warning for using not existing bold math.
 > - answer environment: Remove \begingroup and \endgroup because they
 >   removed the correct linespacing.
 > - Make font in exercises adjustable.
 > - Improve spacing after title of theorem-like environment, subexercises,
 >   and subanswers.
 > - Subanswers can have another linespacing than answers.
 > - Start prefaces on odd and even pages.
 > - Change from LPPL 1.2 to LPPL 1.3.
 > 2004/03/25 v1.21  Harald Harders (h.harders at tu-bs.de)
 > - Better top skip for important and longimportant when starting with
 >   a theorem-like environment. Unfortunately, this does not work with
 >   equations.
 > - Use correct framed.sty style if available, otherwise use workaround.
 >   (At the moment, only an inoffical framed.sty version is available that
 >   does not have the bug.)

Thanks for the update.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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