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On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 Marc Penninga submitted an update to the



This package provides a few tools to ease using fonts (especially
Truetype/Opentype ones) with Latex and fontinst:
    AFM2AFM - reencode .afm files; designed to replace fontinst's
    \reencodefont for big .afm files.
    AUTOINST - simplify the use of the LCDF TypeTools by creating a
    command file for otftotfm, plus .fd and .sty files.
    CMAP2ENC - convert glyph indices in TrueType fonts without glyph
    names (such as Linotype Palatino) to Adobe glyph names.
    FONT2AFM - create font metrics; this is just a wrapper script
    around tools such as pf2afm, ttf2afm, pfm2kpx and ot2kpx.
    OT2KPX - extract all kerning pairs from an OpenType font.
    PFM2KPX - extract all kerning pairs from buggy .pfm files (the
    ones where pf2afm complains ".notdef character occurred among kern
    SHOWGLYPHS - create a pdf file that shows all glyphs in a font.

Location on CTAN: fonts/utilities/fontools
Summary description: Tools to simplify using fonts (especially TrueType/OpenType ones).
License type: gpl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
 - A few bugfixes

 - Added support files for a new encoding that may be useful for use with
   OpenType fonts, since it contains much more empty slots (for alternate
   glyphs and additional ligatures) than LY1.


Thanks for the update.

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

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