New/revised CTAN packages --- B1 encoding and Artificial Uncial script

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Sun Dec 4 12:45:43 CET 2005

Peter Wilson writes:

>     I have uploaded b1encoding.tar.gz and auncial.tar.gz to UK incoming. 
> These are under the LPPL.
>     I leave it up to your judgement where they might go on CTAN.

see below.

>     The auncial file contains a PostScript Type1 font of the Artificial 
> Uncial bookhand, plus supporting packages. (MetaFont code is buried inside 
> but unused). The Type1 was generated from original MetaFont sources extended 
> to cover 253 characters.
>     Because the bookhands (used between the 1st and 16th centuries for 
> manuscripts) typically have a somewhat different character set to modern 
> fonts I created a new encoding for them which I have called B1 (for 
> Bookhands, and mainly similar to the regular T1 encoding). The encoding 
> files are in b1encoding.tar.gz.
>     There is an existing (short) MetaFont version of Artificial Uncial on 
> CTAN in fonts/bookhands/auncial.
>     The Type1 version and the B1 encoding are new endeavours --- they work 
> on my system but I don't know about anyone else being able to use them. I 
> think that it would be a reasonable idea to keep the present 
> bookhands/auncial and put the new stuff somewhere else (under the bookhands 
> directory?) so that others can try the fonts before coming to any final 
> decisions. Particularly, is the B1 encoding a good way to go?

after some discussion, i understand that while the new version of
auncial is intended as a replacement for the existing one, Peter would
rather it stood on its own while potential users evaluate it.  i have
also discussed the proposed B1 encoding within the latex project, and
we have agreed that there's no point in opposing it (its structure
fits the stated requirements for latex-compatible encodings).

i have therefore installed b1encoding for review at

and for download from

and the new auncial font set for review at

and for download from

we do of course anticipate that fonts/auncial-new will ultimately take
the place of fonts/bookhands/auncial

i have created a catalogue entry for b1encoding, and and entry for
auncial-new is still in preparation.

thanks, peter, for the uploads.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

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